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Priyanka Chopra Gave A Amazing Reply To The Anchor When Asked If She Knew English


Priyanka Chopra is at the zenith of her career. She is totally on fire. Desi Girl has won millions of heart with her beauty and talent. She has proved her mettle in acting In India as well as outside India.

Priyanka is a true epitome of beauty with brains. And this was proved by the actress once again on Chelsea Handler’s talk show. After rocking Ellen DeGeneres show and walking on red carpets, she appeared on Chelsea Handler’s talk show.

34 year old actress is known for her excellent dressing sense. She was looking gorgeous as always in a white dress. During the candid show, Priyanka was dwelling on her past. While answering to the anchor’s various questions, she had a blast throughout the show.

Priyanka told Handler that she came to America for the first time when she was 12 year old. However, the 41 year old anchor had no idea about the sheer scale of Indians who can speak English. Therefore she asked Priyanka if she knew English when she came to America for the first time.

Unperturbed by the anchor and her question Priyanka gave a befitting reply to the anchor’s question. She said that 10% of the Indians can speak English fluently which is close to 1.3 million people. This number is more than many countries population.

“Yes, I knew English that time. In fact, I will like to tell a fact to all the people present here. Approximately 10% of the Indian population speaks English which is close to 1.3 Million people. This number is even larger than the entire population of certain countries. So the next time you go to India, you will come across people who speak proper English.” said Priyanka

Forget Restrictions During Those Days-Me And My Husband Celebrate My Period!


It’s Monday again!!


It’s Monday again!!One might be getting those office blues on Monday morning. Relaxxx. Don’t fret girls. You can easily rule your workplace with these easy to follow corporate life insights. Get a hold of these simple techniques and keep enjoying your corporate life exactly like your weekend.

Be Quick & Responsive: The corporate world is undergoing dynamic changes and this dynamism demands go getter attitude. Be an opportunist who pawns upon every opportunity comings its way. Whenever you are assigned some tasks, show your bosses your promptness and quickness by immediately taking up the task.

Perfection: While completing the job at hand, one should always ensure perfection. Take pleasure in your job as pleasure in job brings our perfection in work. Girls, it is time to show the world, you can do your work with the same level of perfection with which you lead your life. While you might be busy chasing perfection in your work, it would ultimately lead you to excellence.

Risk: Always remember that to work is to the risk of not being appreciated. Although a little appreciation goes a long way in building your morale, but don’t be demotivated in the absence of appreciation. Gratitude goes a long way in achieving appreciation. Give your manager a little share of your success in work life. Find ways to approach your boss to discuss the present tasks and giving them the necessary credit. So girls, show a little gratitude to your bosses and taste that jar of appreciation that you have been waiting for so long.

Health: All women reading this article, please note that mental and physical health is quintessential in climbing the corporate ladder. Unstable physical conditions will lead to lack of concentration, absence, tiredness in the workplace will hamper your creativeness, decision making capacity, etc. It may seem very difficult but ensure a small portion of 24 hour to some sort of physical exercise, yoga, outdoor sport, etc. Be a go getter over here by making your employer realize that employees’ health is not an option or benefit rather a necessity.

Work – life balance: Don’t compromise your work life balance. There is another set of world (comprising of your family and friends) that needs your attention, love and support. So don’t forget that you have a lovely family, loving husband, kids and family eagerly waiting for you. All women folks, don’t hesitate to leave your desk at 6 pm. Let the men realize that you have the courage to leave your desk and address the needs of your family, as a result of which these men are able to sit late night and please their superiors and seniors.

All working women, take your all girls trip that you have been delaying for so long. Go out, meet your friends, and let them know that you are there for them.

Communication skills: In a corporate world, one’s performance is often judged by her effectiveness and ability to interact with other peers and colleagues. Right understanding of verbal and non-verbal communication can help communicate your ideas freely, increase your team building efforts, etc. TO be able to understand each other perspective while communicating will help one to broaden his/her perspective.

Networking: Network well with your colleagues and within your industry. Your networking will lead you to information which is not available on the search engines. The one who knows the right people, can charm the right way and can trade information that can be very crucial to grow the company and his/her carrier. The right network will end up finding something new worth learning. So build your network wisely as it may build your networth.

Happy Independence Day !!


My friends sister in law was wedded into a rich family. She was brought up in comforts and luxuries so her parents ensured that the family into which she was wedded was well off too. They were very rich with a spacious flat and an array of cars. But as time went by they did not behave well with her. She was not allowed to go out alone, was not given money to spend, whatever she wanted was given to her at home. She couldn’t go out with friends nor to her parents place. Her husband too didn’t care much for her feelings nor give her time. She led a miserable life though in luxuries. Independence is very crucial for a woman. It’s a wrong notion that Independent woman are not devoted to their families. They too care equally for their loved ones. They cannot give as much time as a home maker but they are equally involved. Housewives too are not doormats. Emagine them being held up in the house for the kids or if someone has not taken the keys. Sometimes they are alone throughout the day and they hardly get the attention they deserve. What is freedom if you are not given the liberty to lead your life on your own terms. We are not free in the true sense unless we surpass the boundaries we encounter in our journey as a woman. Open up, talk of your insecurities, fight for your right, work towards being you and look after your family. freedom is just beyond the boundaries we set for ourselves, cross them. Alone we can conquer the world but with family even a small victory seems worthwhile…try taking the small step today…Happy Independence Day to all…don’t take your freedom for granted.ARchana Sadashiv Wagle


Red lipstick !!


Red Lipstick ?of little hope – another good write up by Twinkle Khanna.
My grandmother is 77. She has perfectly coloured hair with not a root in sight, her nails artfully manicured and her clothes always immaculate. I tease her about her interest in all these superficial things and she exclaims that I, in my dal-stained jeans, have always been a total disgrace to the family. Every Friday, she goes for her prayers in the prettiest cotton saris with a string of pearls around her neck.

What is so extraordinary about her story, you may wonder? She is a woman who has seen three out of her four children die before her very eyes.

Sometimes I think the tiny joy she gets from her little indulgences is what keeps her going and distracts her from the anguish she must have gone through seeing what she has.

My childhood friends – two lovely sisters – lost their mother a few years ago. When I went for the prayer meeting, I was slightly taken aback to see them wearing a lot of makeup. I would have judged them as very shallow if I had not been close to their family and knew how much they had loved their mother and how devastated they were at her demise. Maybe this was their way of getting through this terrible day, maybe they needed a mask to keep everything together, maybe their mom who I had never seen without a large bright bindi on her forehead, would be the only one who understood

My friend recently separated from her husband. She now lives alone with her young daughter, goes to the gym every single day and is looking like a million bucks. Her wardrobe has changed dramatically from kurtas to pretty dresses. Every once in a while, we catch up for coffee and each time I see her, she seems to look leaner, fitter and happier.

I go to visit a family friend in the hospital. She has been dealing with cancer for a while now and though she is lucky to have tremendous family support, only she knows what it is like to deal with fear and pain on a daily basis. She is sitting in her hospital bed in her pajamas, with a turban jauntily perched on her head. And on her lips, she is wearing the brightest, happiest red lipstick. When I ask her about it, she says that whenever she feels low and run down, she puts on her lipstick and it just cheers her up tremendously.

A pretty dress, a new haircut, a string of pearls are all trivial material things that should not matter because they have nothing to do with our inner self, but we forget that our physical form is strongly connected to our identity. It is how we interact with the world around us.

When my family friend puts on her red lipstick, she is telling the world that she still has HOPE. Sometimes, the only thing you have left is hope. Hope that every tomorrow hurts a little less than yesterday..

So gurlz put on dat red ? today…..


Why some people have all the Luck ?
By Professor Richard Wiseman, University of Hertfordshire.

Why do some people get all the luck while others never get the breaks they deserve? A psychologist says he has discovered the answer.

Ten years ago, I set out to examine luck. I wanted to know why some people are always in the right place at the right time, while others consistently experience ill fortune. I placed advertisements in national newspapers asking for people who felt consistently lucky or unlucky to contact me.

Hundreds of extraordinary men & women volunteered for my research & over the years, I have interviewed them, monitored their lives & had them take part in experiments.

The results reveal that although these people have almost no insight into the causes of their luck, their thoughts & behaviour are responsible for much of their good & bad fortune. Take the case of seemingly chance opportunities. Lucky people consistently encounter such opportunities, whereas unlucky people do not.

I carried out a simple experiment to discover whether this was due to differences in their ability to spot such opportunities. I gave both lucky and unlucky people a newspaper, and asked them to look through it & tell me how many photographs were inside. I had secretly placed a large message halfway through the newspaper saying : “Tell the experimenter you have seen this and win $50.”

This message took up half of the page & was written in type that was more than two inches high. It was staring everyone straight in the face, but the unlucky people tended to miss it & the lucky people tended to spot it.

Unlucky people are generally more tense than lucky people, and this anxiety disrupts their ability to notice the unexpected. As a result, they miss opportunities because they are too focused on looking for something else. They go to parties’; intent on finding their perfect partner & so miss opportunities to make good friends. They look through newspapers determined to find certain types of job advertisements & miss other types of jobs.

Lucky people are more relaxed & open, and therefore see what is there rather than just what they are looking for. My research eventually revealed that lucky people generate good fortune via four principles. They are skilled at creating & noticing chance opportunities, make lucky decisions by listening to their intuition, create self-fulfilling prophesies via positive expectations, and adopt a resilient attitude that transforms bad luck into good.

Towards the end of the work, I wondered whether these principles could be used to create good luck. I asked a group of volunteers to spend a month carrying out exercises designed to help them think & behave like a lucky person. Dramatic results ! These exercises helped them spot chance opportunities, listen to their intuition, expect to be lucky, and be more resilient to bad luck. One month later, the volunteers returned & described what had happened. The results were dramatic : 80% of people were now happier, more satisfied with their lives & perhaps most important of all, luckier.

The lucky people had become even luckier & the unlucky had become lucky. Finally, I had found the elusive “luck factor”.

Here are Professor Wiseman’s four top tips for becoming lucky:

1) Listen to your gut instincts – they are normally right

2) Be open to new experiences and breaking Ur normal routine

3) Spend a few moments each day remembering things that went well

4) Visualize Urself being lucky before an important meeting or telephone call.

Have a Lucky day and work for it… “The happiest people in the world are not those who have no problems, but those who learn to live with things that are less than perfect.”  There is a great difference between “worry” & “concern”, A worried person only sees the problem & a concerned person solves the problem..!”

TO BE LUCKY OR UNLUCKY – it is by practice and choice.

Imperfect still perfect..


It’s Beautiful….. “When I was a kid, my Mom liked to cook food & then I remember she used to cook for us.

One night in particular when she had made dinner after a long hard day’s work, Mom placed a plate of bread, jam and extremely burnt toast in front of my Dad.

I was waiting to see if anyone noticed the burnt toast.But Dad just ate his toast and asked me how was my day was at school.  I don’t remember what I told him that night, but I do remember I heard Mom apologising to Dad for the burnt toast.And I’ll never forget what he said: “Honey, I love burnt toast.”Later that night, I went to kiss Daddy, good night & I asked him if he really liked his toast burnt. He wrapped me in his arms & said: “Your momma put in a long hard day at work today and she was really tired.And besides… A burnt toast never hurts anyone but harsh words do!”

“You know beta – life is full of imperfect things… & imperfect people…
I’M NOT THE BEST & AM HARDLY GOOD AT ANYTHING! I forget birthdays & anniversaries just like everyone else. What I’ve learnt over the years is :  To Accept Each Others Faults & Choose To Celebrate Relationships”Life Is Too Short To Wake Up With Regrets!Love the people who treat you right & have compassion for the ones who don’t…


Love yourself !!


I believe the biggest human affliction is that many of us walk through this world and feel unseen and unheard; we don’t feel accepted and loved for who we really are. We live in fear of truly embracing one another on a deeper level – one that we all yearn for. We fear that showing our true selves is a weekness, that it will somehow make us appear to be less and on the other side of it, we allow others to get away with it! Why are we afraid of deep human connection? We care more about the masks we wear and the masks that others show us. It’s really a superficial world. Few people dig deep and are not scared to show their true selves with such vulnerability and encourage others to do the same. There are not enough people like that… When was the last time you let another really see your soul? And when was the last time you looked into another’s? Really looked. It’s time to look without judging and listen with the intent to understand instead of for the purpose to answer with our own opinions. And that is the strange thing, and shows how ironic the situation is…we do this because we want others to hear us and see us! We all want that! ~ Karen VanderZee

My first love ..


My first love ..The most beautiful feeling that everyone goes through ,so did I …i still remember to see a glance of him in the office canteen and did not actually know he is the love of my life ..I did see him around the floor .he really looked handsome while I could not approach him and like every girl waited when will he talk to him and finally wow here he comes on my table giving reasons and initiating the talk ..it was so obvious he was trying to start the conversation and I could not stop blushing .a sweet smile and goosebumps thinking about him everyday. But the next day I did not see him around ,my eyes were looking out for him ..day 2 I still don’t see him day three ohh god I can’t wait to see him..but he hasn’t turned up,while I overheard his friend speaking that his girlfriend is come from Uk and thus he is having a good time.Could you imagine what I went this ,my heartbroken and I was so low and hundreds of questions running my mind does he really love someone or I am just thinking too much .here he has come to office today but he is ignoring me ,he did take my number but hasn’t called me .i am so waiting for his call .His first call ohhh that’s feeling of love cannot be just expressed ..my heartbeats went high but I had to pretend I am jus fine and that’s okay .he never called me everyday and I so wished he calls me everyday ..he ignored me sometimes and so did I ..but I always waited to see him around and then a day came when I had to leave my job for personal reasons and day to say goodbye to the person you liked and you never could express yourself. .so finally I went to meet him and bid a goodbye and to my surprise he says ohh that’s bad it’s your last day and I don’t know about it can we go down for a coffee .this wasn’t expected and my answer was definatelt yes . Wow my first coffee date and a sweet friendly gesture made me more crazy for him. I had now left the job and contacts he called me one day inviting me for his sisters marriage .i so wanted to go and not go.the fear to see him with his girlfriend at the wedding was making me weak .But I definitely did not want to miss this opportunity to see him,Dressed in my best black dress I stepped in , he saw me and was so happy and I was happier cause I did not see him with his girl friend but did see him dancing with his mom. Ohh I fell in love with him again he could get his eyes off me nor could I ..something had struck between us and he did come to see me off that day . What a lovely moment so pure so true . Could believe myself when he called me for breakfast at his place to meet his mom, so happy and nervous I was enjoyed some wonderful moments with his family and then no contact for few days left me in a vacuum but I was hopeful. And one fine day the cell phone ringed and it was him , his words were I need you can you please come home .i need you ..I just rushed to meet him without knowing the reason all I knew he needs me and when I reached there he was in tears and said I had a breakup and am lost ,the only person I could think off was you and so I called you and I feel I really like you and that day I was his shoulder ..I wasn’t his first love but he was my first love .he did propose me the next day and said I love you ..I actually loved him more today because he was loyal and brave enough to speak about his past and he gradually fell in love with me ..though I wasn’t not his first love but I am sure I am his last love ..Our bond of love is the most beautiful feeling in this whole wide world ..

I wish ..do you 


Trap of life …I have been wondering from my childhood ,being a girl has been a very weird feeling for me. Do I live for the society or for myself ?? Being a child and while I was being stalked by an old man ,always feared to open up if someone will understand that’s it’s not me ,it’s him who is been following me .i was asked to stay back home cause I would be teased .I was questioned when I started doing a job and had nights shifts ..while to do a job wasn’t a bad thing but the society wasn’t able to accept a girl child of a businessman wanting to do a job .ohh I did not want to get married but the society could accept me single and hundreds of questions were asked if I had a broken affair . Ohh I can’t have guys as my friends Else I could be tagged as a freak ..Ohh if I drink and smoke I have lost my moral values .I can’t wear shorts as then it tags me against religion .I am made to believe that I was born to sacrifice sometimes for my family sometimes for my religion sometime for my relationships and most of the time for this so called society ..Every time I wish to do something I need to check if my society will accept it ..when will I be free from all caste ,creed and religion when will I get to live my life on my terms and conditions ..

Awaited the day..

When I break the norms of the society forget the expectations of the society and breathe free

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