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I was not very good at swimming.

Did that mean I shouldn’t swim? Nah, I went most days and never wanted to be Phelps or take gold. I just kind of enjoyed getting a bit better at it with every dip. - Do you think people thought less of me? “Look at that idiot, she’s not kicking her legs enough!” Nah, they were getting...

A woman’s strength

A woman’s strength is measured by the size of her heart. She is respectfully humble. She will stand with honour. She will fight with love in the face of adversity and for the ones she loves. She will be a voice and a shield. She will be a beacon to light the way home...

A very wise decision

When I was 15, my parents found a suitable match for me. I didn't want to get married at all. But my family said, "Mulgi zaat aahe. Lagna karayla lagelach". (You are a woman. You have no choice but to get married.) He and his family came to "see me", and the second time...


Pakistani doctor beats 64 cooks to win Masterchef title

A female doctor from Pakistan Saliha Mahmood-Ahmed has made headlines around the world by winning the title of BBC’s Masterchef, beating 64 other cooks in the competition. Who expected that 29-year-old Saliha Mahmood-Ahmed, a British-Pakistani from Watford, will go on to become BBC’s Masterchef of 2017. Saliha swapped on-call shifts with colleagues to ensure that she...

Eat Healthy Stay Healthy Bride & Groom Special

EAT HEALTHY  STAY HEALTHY                   (SPECIALLY FOR BRIDES & GROOMS ) Wedding is an occasion when all eyes are on the couple. It is not just the bride who needs to look prim and proper but the groom as well to make them the ‘picture-perfect couple’. There are a few common problems which many Boys and Girls...

Motherhood is priceless-Raw and unedited picture of a mother breastfeeding her 2-weeks old baby after a C- section delivery

MOTHERHOOD IS PRICESSLESS Raw and unedited picture of a mother breastfeeding her 2weeks old baby after a C- section delivery.   This is priceless. This is what some mothers go through. The pains. The stretch mark. The shapeless body. The flappy tummy. Some of us use corset and body magic to hide it. Some of us use...