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Love yourself !!

I believe the biggest human affliction is that many of us walk through this world and feel unseen and unheard; we don't feel accepted and loved for who we really are. We live in fear of truly embracing one another on a deeper level - one that we all yearn for. We fear that...

Aishwarya Rai – The Living Cindrella

The Cannes Film Festival 2017 is no less than a FairyTale for Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and her fans. Here are the pictures. See how Ash stole all the limelight: LOOK One! Aishwarya Rai grabbed all the eye balls as she walked in her cindrella inspired blue gown on the red carpet. She looked absolutely stunning in her...


Loving Yourself 

Aging gracefully means being flexible ,being open , allowing change ,enjoying change -Loving yourself We cannot stop aging but we can stop growing old by maintaining our best attitudes, our best health and our best humor while keeping our minds open to new possibilities. This lady's smile shows she is doing all of these, simply...

Girl! If You Are Single? Relax. He Isn’t Born Yet!

An Interesting Relationship Though! The next French President is 39 years old. But that is not the news. He is married to a 64 year-old, that is still not the news. His wife was his class teacher 24 years ago...not still the news. His then class teacher had a daughter who was his classmate...everybody including his parents...

I wish you 

Trap of life ...I have been wondering from my childhood ,being a girl has been a very weird feeling for me. Do I live for the society or for myself ?? Being a child and while I was being stalked by an old man ,always feared to open up if someone will understand that's...