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Does Your Virginity Licence Give You The Future Guarantee.. ??

ARE YOU VIRGIN ?Just a three words question and she will be all judged.Why is virginity always being a ''JUDGMENTAL'' question. Being sexually pure does not assure person's loyalty. Why, only if she is virgin she is eligible for getting married in so called ''REPUTED FAMILY.” Having sexual relation is not wrong before marriage. It...

You Are My Masterpiece ? By Ruma Vishal Mundha

"You Are My Masterpiece" ? " The realisation of your presence inside me made me believe in miracles.. it took me nine months to nurture you with my love and care .. Your tiny heart echoed my heartbeats .. remember darling as you grow beautifully.. Don't allow anyone to cause harm to my masterpiece...

They Aspire To Inspire Every Women.. An Honour To The Women Of ISRO

104 satellites launched using a single rocket, that’s what ISRO pulled off and stunned the entire world.That too being economical even the developed nations admire, brilliant efforts of India’s space agency and why not. They’ve created a world record which surely won’t be broken anytime soon. Breaking the stereotypes, India's self-made women are behind this...


I am Human I Must be Stereotype.. Is It True..?

Stereotypes are always built on some form of truth. We build them instinctively to keep ourselves from falling victim to the same things again and again. Are they wrong often? Yes they are. But they keep you from constantly interacting with people the wrong way. Just because a woman dresses slutty doesn't mean she's a...

Spread Your Wings With Aishwarya Rai

Wooh! How can someone be so ravishing? Beautiful is an understated word when we speak about someone as gorgeous as Aishwarya Rai.  Internet in the last couple of days has been flooded with the posts related to Aishwarya Rai and why not? Even at 43, she is worth every single bit of it. When the goddess of...

Its a divorce! And she gets the custody of daughters!

Farhan Akhtar and Adhuna Bhabani divorced, mother gets the custody of daughters and father get full access to meet both of them anytime. Rich lifestyle and leisure living are the two terms which we often use for Bollywood. And nonetheless, divorces have become a part of their lifestyle it seems. Farhan is a famous Bollywood...