5 Must Have Resolutions for Every Woman, I’m sure each one will follow the last one



Resolutions are similar like relationships, easy to make but difficult to maintain. We all make various resolutions each year but how many of us actually implement them? The figure is sure very less. Here are my resolutions of this year and I suppose for next every year and I’m pretty much sure you too wanna make them yours. These resolutions are for all those ladies who have forgotten themselves in the hustle and bustle of their responsibilities. So, it’s time to make up for ourselves girls.


1. Say ‘No’ to ‘Yes’

Can you iron my shirt? Can you prepare something else than this? Can you drop the kids to school? I’m busy somewhere else, can you do it by yourselves? The answer to almost all these question is ‘Yes’, right? It has become our tendency to say yes to almost everything. So, stop it from today itself. Start saying ‘No’ especially to the ones you don’t like it.

2. You are special, love yourself

We love everyone around us; our kids, friends, parents, husband, relatives each and everyone. This relationship makes us take care of them; but, what about ourselves? Make a relationship with your own personality. Every women is beautiful, she is special. So, start loving yourself. Start taking care of yourself, your needs, and your will. After all, you are the most precious one in this entire world.

3. You are not a dustbin

Stop eating leftovers while you serve fresh food to your family members. You are equally important. Leftover food losses its nutrients and you are one who needed the maximum energy in the entire family. You know it better that if you will lose energy and fall ill, the whole family would suffer. So start eating fresh.

4. Pursue a hobby or career

Sitting alone at home and watching those daily soaps will not take you anywhere. So, just dig out your hobby, polish your talent and do something worthy. You can join the NGO’s, social groups or kickass your talent by starting again your career. Freelancing could be a good option for mothers who do not get a chance to go outside.


5. Not only weight loss


I know and it’s obvious that you will commit yourself to losing weight but is that all? What about your skin and hair? Stop skipping the very necessary skin nourishment and hair oil massage just because you are over burdened with family responsibilities. Take out time for yourself. Do everything you can so that you look gorgeous always, as “looking beautiful is your birthright and you shall have it.” 


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