8 Things you can still do while on bed rest


1. Make your life “Instrumental”
Learn playing any instrument, from flute to piano, you can involve yourself into the world of music; you can cherish a new you!


2. Spark creativity
Design new glamorous gown for yourself, learn new cooking recepies, and try out some best out of waste; give your mind a new direction, break the monotonous!


3. Reconnect to long lost friends
While you are on rest, try reconnecting to your old friends, to your school teachers, distant relatives (reconsider RELATIVES :P). Check on what they are upto, might interest you!

4. SWOT analysis
Since you are at calm, identify your strength, weakness, upcoming opportunities and threats. While on rest, you can organize and recreate yourself in a better manner and be a renovated you!

5. Refresh your relations
Present your hubby a sweet handmade card (he will not be expecting this :P) order gifts online for your family members, you will earn a lot of appreciation for sure 😛


6. Document your feelings
Journalize your feelings, pen down, write it all down, it will help you find your inner peace!


7. Update yourself
From international issues happening around to the climax in your favorite daily soap, update yourself about every stuff you are interested in



8. Create a To-Do list
List the things that still need to be done, a clear cut list to cluster your time after you are back to your normal routine soon



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