94-year-old Grandma celebrates birthday by cutting Jack fruit!


Lets cut a massive Jackfruit – Health hai to Wealth hai !

A 94-year-old Grandma celebrated her birthday by cutting Jack fruit. Isn’t this a big question for the new generation’s unhealthy food culture?

Courtesy : @KeralaCircle

We all have heard this term many a times in our life since our childhood – “Dadi Maa Ke Nuskhe”

As days pass by and youngers adopting the culture of Junk Food – many food chain multinational are minting money and gaining popularity but what the new generation is gaining out of it? Nothing. Rather they are loosing big time. The most important thing we are loosing today is – the habit of eating healthy food.

Lets see if even a few of us could adopt this practice and take this beautiful message in a positive way by celebrating our birthday in the healthiest way.

Lets replace the fatening bakery cakes with healthy vegetables and fruits. Lets like a healthier life. After all – Health hai to wealth hai.



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