A Human got engaged to a Human! Loud and clear!


We are shocked to see people criticising Sagarika Ghatge for choosing a Muslim as a life partner, being a Hindu. Seriously?

 It’s her choice to marry whom and by the way it’s the same Zaheer Khan who did national duty for years and was instrumental to India lifting World Cup in 2011 & India being number one Test side.

Strange to see that a few people still carry these religion sentiments and specially for a guy who is a true Indian at least he has achieved something for the country.

May we ask those people who are bashing this couple what they have done for their country? It’s not about Hindu or Muslim, rise above this some lunatics are there in every religion.

It’s their choice to get marry who are we to judge. Zaheer Khan has been an exceptional cricketer who gave his service with pure dedication and one of India’s best fast bowler. And Sagarika is a well known Bollywood actress who worked on a movie which somewhere motivates every sportswoman. Get a life lunatics.

At a time when love happens just for break ups and people not being serious and true to their partners in a relationship, this is a perfect example of loyalty in love. And we are proud of this amazing couple.

Zaheer Khan revealed about his engagement yesterday over a tweet. And this is how beautifully he announced it in public.



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