A Picture, So Perfect!


By Ruma Vishal Mundhar (Being Woman Family)

It feels so good to turn the pages of an old album whether its of your childhood days, your b’day pics or nangu pangu pics roaming around just in a chaddi (which boys still can but we phhoohhh), your first day of school, the sports day pics or fancy dress competition, your fun-filled college days, pics of your friends (of some who had a crush on u or some u admired), then the farewell parties where we thought we were no less than Sushmita Sen or Angelina Jolie for that matter.

The Convocation Ceremony made us feel on top of the world. With a feeling of an achievement, oh yes! we did it. The pics with colleagues at your first place of work giving us a feeling of self respect and oozing confidence.

Then the pics of our engagement and wedding, so young, so naive, so dreamy. A common feeling wow I was so beautiful then, look at me now. I feel the same at times.

But when I see what I’ve gained over the years then physical beauty takes a back seat. Believe me its lovely to grow in age and experience gracefully. The lovely pics with your man. The honeymoon pics in a dream world. The pictures of our first house. Pics of festivals and all the celebrations.

The happiest thoughts sail looking at the pics of your kids. All precious moments captured. You have a story behind every pic and it can keep you happy for ages. Today’s digital world has reduced that charm. Everything is in the camera phone or laptop. Everything is edited to perfection.

The best thing is to laugh at your imperfections displayed in those pictures clicked by your family and friend while you were at your craziest mode. Next time you open a photo album, I am sure you will have a reason to smile.

Share a smile and the story of your flashback with your loved ones.

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