Always Listen To Your Heart


“Always listen to your heart.” I have heard this line umpteenth time. But are we doing so? Are we really listening to our heart? Ask these questions to your heart. And the answer you will get is a clear “NO”. It is very easy to suggest these words but it is very hard to cultivate these in real life.

Not only in the biggest decisions of our life but also in the daily life, we omits the voice of our heart. Some of us could not achieve the goal which we have dreamt; some of us could not marry to that person, whom we loved so much while some of us don’t help the person who wants our helping hands. We know very well that our heart insist us to listen it. But we keep ignoring.

Don’t let your mind do your heart’s work. They both are different things having different opinion. Don’t let yourself hitched between both. Don’t hasitate to listen yourself. Identify what your heart is trying to say. We know all the pitfalls of avoided heart. But still we are neglecting our innervoice.

Follow your heart, listen yourself, have faith in you and immitate your innervoice. It will always take you to the right path of your life.. by Pragati sharma


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