Balance Of Life



Has it really lost its charm?? Look at our parents, grandparents.. They had so much devotion, affection, respect, love towards each other.. And now I seem that to be FADED.. Do you wonder whats going on your partners brain? What do they think of you or the relationship.. Sometimes, your husband actually wants you to know what’s on his mind. But he doesnt always knows how to say it. Do we really go that extra mile to understand that or just live our busy lives thinking everything is OK.. And one fine day the volcano starts erupting..

We really need to sit back and think about this.. The relationship with your spouse is much more than we think of it.. It needs a lot of attention, nurturing, care.. And without this it cannot be prosperous. We cannot complaint about the plants not giving fruits, if we did not give it enought sunlight or water.. The BALANCE of life depends on your professional and personal life going equally well.. Sit some time alone and start thinking about what we need to correct and have an amazing relationship with yor spouse.. Good luck… 😉


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