Justin Bieber’s Jabra Fan Mouth Shut The Haters!


Justin Bieber’s Purpose tour” was full of purpose!

Justin Bieber’s Mumbai Live Concert has been making headlines much before he arrived in the city of dreams. The concert happened on May 10th 2017 at D.Y. PATIL Sports Stadium, Mumbai. Each ticket was sold for approximately 5000-15000/- INR.

May bollywood stars who have been forgotten by their fans wanted to make their presence felt by being a part of this concert. Some tried to make headlines by leaving the concert in between for making a news differently and some tried to be in the news by highlighting what they didn’t like about Justin. Question is – does it even impact him even a little. Justin today is the world’s top notch celebrity and a known face worldwide.

Many big names including Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan wanted to enhance the fame and make their presence known around the globe by throwing a grand party to Justin.

But in the list above there are a few special fans who never wanted to gain anything but to enjoy his presence in India. One such big fan of Justin Bieber is Arpita Joshi who flew all the way to Mumbai to be a part of his concert.

According to Arpita, Live concerts have always been an amazing experience. 45000 people singing along is something which this international star has earned through his charm and talent. Full moon and his tracks added diamonds in platinum.

He started with “Namaste” continued with “I will be back” and ended with waving Indian flag. What else do the haters want?

Breathtaking moves, heart throb tracks. The voice and flash lights says it all. At this young age he is the king of heart of a trillion youngsters around the globe.

For all those who spoke a lot about his casual dressing sense calling it lame, please note that it wasn’t casual but liberal. He was liberally dressed in loose fit t-shirt & football shorts. Alan walker’s “faded & alone” are added sparks. The experience was worth waiting for in humid and hot weather of Mumbai on 10th.

This is what she wrote on her Facebook wall to shut a few creepy mouths!

Dear ppl, Thank you for your concern but please stop caring about my money and my expenses what I did for Justin’s concert. I know how to take care of it & how to earn it back! We have seen how beautifully he sung or “lip sync”. Watching him live is added spice in life. And we really enjoyed it to core. I am least bothered if you don’t like his music. Please keep ur views with you nobody has asked you yet! You can continue with your gossiping, idiotic Facebook check-ins & updates and insane shopping. None of my concern. I hope not to hear you again. Arpita.


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