Beautiful message of forgiveness…


Lovely message by Varushka Chettiar

God’s most important commandment to humankind is to “Love one another as I have Loved you”. Today we live in the world of size ZERO because of which the constant attempt is to get to the perfect size. Reality is we can never be perfect only God is perfect and it was only he who was meant to be perfect. It is very common to see people paying money to shed weight. The battle to shed weight is again to match a chart made to measure your Body Mass & Index. Wish there was a chart to measure it by the sins we commit. Have we paid attention to the fact of thought that it’s not the flesh that makes us heavy but the baggage we carry within ourselves. True heaviness is the heavy heart we carry, the anger resentment inability to forgive ourselves and others that is the true burden. There is no point running miles to lose the weight when the weight resides in your heart. A heart that carries a life full of emotions. Our inner self is our actual self. Our soul is what is measured.
Do we really have the ability to forgive people who have hurt us? The most important teaching in the bible is to forgive and forgive until you die. Forgive the person to the extent that their presence and absence means the same. But, ever on a rainy day when you step out and as you pass the street few steps away you see the one who has hurt you, who has made you weep, getting wet due to downpour of heavy rain drops, and you change your direction to offer them your umbrella, (of forgiveness). That is when the grace God is over you. That is when you have lost all the unwanted weight you ever carried. That’s what a true Christian is taught.


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