Bebo flaunts her baby bump and breaks all the stereotypes


Hands down, pregnancy is the most glorious and beautiful phase in a woman’s life. The fact that the butterflies in your belly will soon turn out to be a live soul is overwhelming.
While Begum Khan is busy basking the glory of pregnancy, Mommy-to-be shares few things about the special phase you will be delighted to know!
Although the journey of maternity does not come with any rulebook. Kareena breaks the stereotype of being lazy and excusing to work. She seems to enjoy her work even while in her expecting months phase. More power to you, Bebo!

I know that people will put a tag to it, but it doesn’t bother me. Nothing has ever stopped me from working and I know how to balance my professional and personal life.

These nine months you can flaunt your body effortlessly, time when your chucky cheeks, overweight arms and bloated belly attract appreciation. It is that phase when you can carelessly eat calories without giving a count to them. It is a blessing. Do not let embarrassment of changed body peek in your happy time!

I feel absolutely normal. I mean this the only time you can flaunt your extra kilos proudly. Isn’t motherhood the most normal thing to happen to any woman? I don’t understand why people are making such a big deal about it.


While your husband now becomes more responsible as he becomes Father-to-be, he has to take care of a life added within his wife. Ladies, he is more excited than he may express.

I see Saif becomes totally different person as a father, the little efforts he puts in for his kids amazes me


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