Being Woman is Daughterhood


From a Father’s diary…
“You Are Not Just My Daughter, You Are My Life..” – By Varushka Chettiar

It was just a few years back when your mom insisted that I should be with her at the time of delivery. Nothing could be as beautiful as seeing your newly born. I’m so thankful to her for giving me that chance. I remember how afraid I was when I saw your mom go through life and death during that process. I saw you for the first time when I was asked to cut the umbilical cord. I was afraid if the scissors would hurt you, silly me.

I was so careful when I held you for the first time. Joy had filled my heart, the most incredible thing your mother could ever give me. Her willingness to become a mother and go thru the ordeal only so that I could hold you in my hands.

My doll, the day you held my hand when you wanted to walk and we’re afraid of falling, the trust you showed in me is a feeling that will always stay close to my heart. It felt like yesterday when those tiny magical hands caught my finger in the hospital.

You make me laugh when I think of the days when you cried because you messed up and I felt helpless because I was afraid if I didn’t do a good job cleaning you and called out to your mother for help.

What a joy ride it was when I became a horse and you very merrily sat on my back taking rounds of the house. Those beautiful moments when you were small and I was much younger.

You could call me possessive, as I never would let you go far from my sight. Even if you did, I would quietly observe your movements and the kids you played with. I was afraid of you being hurt or bullied by the older kids. So, now you can understand why few of your friends didn’t like to come home while I was around. Crazy Dad… Huh.
What a blessing and a pleasure it was to see you grow. The business tour which kept me away from you for a month, Oh My God! I still remember how upset you were and refused to speak to me over the phone after several attempts until I promised you a Disney princess set. It was so difficult to convince you, that day I realized how difficult it was to manage you.

I am sure you do remember how I once freaked out when you told me that you wanted to go camping with your high school friends. Your mother explained to me that day and made me realize that you had become a big and I must let you go. I would have for a hundredth told you not go near the water and the DON’T’s. To me you always remained my delicate doll.

While the list of special moments can go on, I would like to tell you something your Daddy with time has grown old, I may no longer be able of riding you on my back or run behind you and place hide and seek. But with every passing day, my love and respect for you as a young woman only increases. I admire you the way you are, I feel humbled when I hear you being praised.

But, at the same time, I want you to be careful and identify who is your friend and foe. Identify who is trustworthy and who will take advantage of you.

I have brought you up as a very strong, courageous and independent woman. I want you to understand that a woman’s life is much beyond the four walls of the house. Your desires and ambitions must hold high importance in your life and never let go of your aspirations for anyone. I have nurtured you as a lioness not to be tamed, but to roar loudly.

And lastly, I know, one day you will get married and go away from my sight. I am too afraid to face that day, I know I will be bravely putting up a smile on my face but crying like a child within. My princess will one day leave her father’s house. But I also cannot ask you not to go, but remember one thing you will always be my princess no matter who the king in your life is.

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