Best Awarded Baby Birth Photos: They Are Raw, Emotional, And Insanely Gorgeous.


Being mother is life altering for a women and that it is the greatest blessing you can receive. while pregnancy they go throw many differences from there physically and mentally both.. Every birth is different. Some take countless hours, while others happen in mere minutes. Some are smooth and easy, while others are weighed down by complications. But while each and every birth is unique, every parent can relate to the multitude of emotions that come crashing over you when you meet your little one for the first time.

The birth of a baby is one of the most exciting and memorable moments in a mother’s life. International Association of Professional Birth Photographers held a competition in 2016 the categories were: as the labor, delivery, and postpartum.

Announced the winners of their annual Image of the Year competition

Hundreds of photographers submitted pictures for the first-place award as well as the labor, delivery, and postpartum categories.

Winners were chosen based on technicality, emotionality, and composition, according to the announcement, and this year’s batch was so hard to choose from because of all the gorgeous submissions. A photographer awarded honorable mention in addition to the winners.

Be warned: Though the pictures are stunning, they’re not for the faint of heart. See the winning photographs below:

They are raw, emotional, and insanely gorgeous

  • First Place Winner

  • Best In Category: Labour

  • Best In Category: Delivery

  • Best In Category: Postpartum

  • Honourable Mention


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