Being On Periods Is Not A Problem, Its A Taboo. Must Read.


What Bollywood Divas has to say about periods?

“Periods are natural, speak about it and enjoy your periods.”

B-town celebs are considered as the most prominent influencers. Whether it is the case of demonetisation or the surgical strike, they are openly put forwarded their views on every single issue raised in our country. One of such issue is menstruation which is considered as a taboo subject in India. However, the bold beauties of the B-town have not let themselves behind for speaking about this natural topic also. Here’s what the Divas have to say:

1. Kareena Kapoor Khan

During an event on Menstruation in Lucknow, this glamorous better half of Saif Ali Khan praised all the girls who were promoting menstrual health and hygiene. Kareena very clearly said, “I’d like to see this issue being talked about in media, on websites, not behind closed door.” She also said, “God created this, periods are natural. So how can we say women are impure during their periods? I have a 3 days schedule in a month. We do not stop working but use the right products, keep healthy and clean. Why should other, especially girls, be termed dirty r compelled to miss school?”

2. Parineeti Chopra

The ‘Ishaqjaade’ girl during a press conference which was held for a leading sanitary napkin has broken the Taboo by brazenly answering a journalist who was embarrassed of raising a question on periods which he called as a “problem”. Parineeti said, “It’s a shame that men are still not aware about Periods! It’s a shame that men call it a problem!” She also added, “You have to talk about it, you can be shy about it.” She boldly said, “It’s 2016, it’s crazy that we talk like this!”


3. Twinkle Khanna

Mrs. Funny Bones aka Twinkle Khanna is known for her bold and straight forward nature. She is fond of writing and has written about the most controversial topics of the society. She sarcastically wrote, “Why are sanitary napkins treated like radioactive isotopes? They are wrapped in layers of plastic and newspaper. Is it the fact that men will see a corner of this packet and read ‘Whisper with wings’ and collapse?”


4. Swara Bhaskar

“Periods are not a reason to skip school, bunk classes, stop playing sports or sit at home alone. Periods are not a crime, nor a taboo. They can be discussed. Even on dinner table!” said Swara Bhaskar, one of the most beautiful dusky actress of Bollywood. In an event close of International Day of Girl Child, she addressed the girls by saying these lines and urged them not to fear the stain.


5. Kangana Ranaut

In an interview, Kangana spoke about periods saying that there is nothing gross about periods. She said, “It does not upset me when people talk about period blood. Just don’t call it gross.” She added, “It is my ability to reproduce and my ability to give birth.” She also said, “If there is nothing gross about man’s body fluid, there is nothing gross about a woman’s body fluid.”


6. Shraddha Kapoor

Shraddha in an interview very casually shared a memory where she used to tease the boys by talking about periods. She interestingly said, “I remember that I definitely did not speak about it openly, because that’s how they condition you, right? But yes, I used to tease the boys in my school. I made it a point to tell them that I am on my period because that would make them turn all coy and shy, and I loved that. They would be like ‘How can you say that?’ and I would say, ‘Well, I just can.’”




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