Breakup’s Can Surely Make ‘Dil Ki Feeling Strong’.. Here Are Few Things Which Can Help You To Move On With Past And Get A Kick Start To Your Future..


Breakup party may sound a bizarre concept. Celebrating the end of a marriage is certainly unusual but as it is said, life is too short to mourn over anything. So, let’s have an insight into Breakup party!

Breakup party Invitation:
You can send an invitation to all your darling friends, all the single eligible ladies and gentlemen. Yeah, not to forget that not-so-special someone now. Some people will buff out on the concept while others will be glad. In any case, you will be rejoiced!


Breakup cake and songs!
Any party is incomplete without the perfect music and the cake is the sweetest symbol of celebration. The symbol of good luck to start a new life takes a toll over the sunsets of past life.


The Breakup XOXO
The Breakup hugs and kisses are meant to end the relationship on a good note. With no bitter grudges against, couples hug to let go of past and get a new perspective.

The Breakup License!
In the Breakup party, Couple gift each other a license. This is a funny act that is a symbol of freedom and somewhere resembles no-objection-certificate.


“When life gives you lemon, make lemonade out of it.!”


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