Your Breast Size Could Be A Cause Of Breast Cancer..?


Breast Cancer- the word itself is terrifying. With the changing life styles of the human beings, this ‘Life Taking’ disease is spreading like a forest’s fire. It is a most common nightmare for the women in this world.

However, it is no more a non-curable disease anymore, but the statistics of the increasing rates is still horrifying. But, with proper care and attention, we can prevent ourselves from having it. With greater attention comes various myths, i.e. when we care for something, we get surrounded by various illogical rumours about the same. Trust me, they are just rumors.

Here we have gathered some of such myths in our kitty which are believed by many of our women fellows.


Wearing Antiperspirant increase risk of getting breast cancer.

Myth about wearing antiperspirant is very common. We all have read or heard about it. But the reality is different, a study found that neither the parabeans used in antiperspirant have cause and effect connection to breast cancer nor the parabeans are found in tumours.


Caffeine causes breast cancer.Some research suggests that caffeine may actually lower your risk of getting cancer. Drinking caffeine and getting breast cancer is not interconnected.

Myth -3

Small size breast have less chances of getting breast cancer.

Size has nothing to do with breast cancer. Very large breast may be harder to examine than small. But having small breasts doesn’t lower the risk of getting breast cancer. Therefore regardless of size women should have routine checkups and screening.



Breast cancer always comes in the form of lump.

Lump may indicate breast cancer but not always. Women’s should be alert of other changes like swelling, skin irritation etc. which may be an indication of breast cancer.


Breast cancer is contagious .

Breast cancer is the result of uncontrolled cell growth of mutated cells. You cannot catch breast cancer or transfer it to someone else’s body.


Wearing a underwire bra causes breast cancer.

 There was no real difference in risk between women who wore a bra and women who didn’t wear a bra. An over-weight woman with a heavy breast wearing underwire bra may have a higher risk of getting breast cancer than healthy women.

Well, well, well, these all are just myths. Don’t become a part of a sheep’s flock and stop following the crowd blindly who believes in such myths. They are created by humans with illogical reasons.  So, no worry ladies, just live your life freely.


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