Cancer: Win A Life Again.


Cancer-The word itself sends shivers up and down to anyones’s spine. the fear for the same is tremendous and if it gets diagnosed to anyone small or big, poor ,middleclass or rich…its adds more panic and fear.

Mr.Kapoor ,aged 64.a lower middle class pensioner got diagnosed with this dreadful disease. He was carrying almost 16 small cancerous tumors in his stomach,he was very ill.The emptiness prevailed in all the hearts at home.The question mark on the faces asked thousands of questions to each other as what would happen next??? .The feeling of insecurity lingered in their minds and souls.

As the news got into his wife’s ears whose age was 60,freezed for a while..then gathered herself n reacted very positively and calmly with these simple words – koi nahi ………..aap thik ho jayoge”(dont worry…u will be fine).

At that point of time ,the Kapoor family who had four young daughters just got the necessarily mental support,the positivity,and the strength Mrs .Kapoor showed almost made the family won half of the battle.

So now r u getting notions or wondering as might be she is a Doctor? A wellness expert? or a highly learned individual? who knew all the treatments of cancer. Hold on!!!!! she is just a very simple lower middle class home maker with no college education.

But yes,indeed ,she was a very tactful and clever woman.She knew her work absolutely well,in and out. She knew all the benefits of the ingredients ,masalas,vegetables,fruits,whatever she used in her kitchen.

No Google,no internet,not much of education….she just knew this illness has to be cured.and worked on it with sincere and hard efforts.

First and foremost, she asked the doctors about the chemotherapies which Mr.Kapoor had to undergo every fortnight and gained knowledge as what happens to the body after the therapy.

After knowing that the hemoglobin counts falls down tremendously and the body becomes more weak …as the therapy destroys the good cells in the body along with cancer cells,she decided that merely depending only on doctors treatment won’t work, she needs to do that extra bit to make him healthy.

She made a list of things which helps making blood in human body like wheat grass juice,carrots,beetroots,and mixed it with anticancer agents like tulsi and lemon skin.she made a timetable,almost changed his diet which she followed for 6 months strictly,calculated everything through her wisdom and experience.

These homemade juices and food helped him maintaining hemoglobin ao that Mr.kapoor can handle the chemos with more power and ease.

Its been more than 6 years now ..Mr.Kapoor is hail and healthy but still Mrs.Kapoor gives him carrot and tulsi juice everyday without fail with utmost dedication.

She is a Hero…no doubt,,and starts giggling when Mr.Kapoor says “tune mujhe bacha liya”(you saved my life).and hence proved the proverb…God helps those who helps themselves.

Being A WOMAN was her superpower..and nurturing and caring with love and devotion came to her easily ,yet again she proved that only women has the potential to give a life whether by birth or winning a new one with love and wisdom.


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