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Why Girls Are Not Allowed To Visit Temples During Menstruation?

Why are girls not allowed to visit temple during menstruation? - By Eklavya Sakpal This is the most common question what people usually ask me and I think this question is in mind of every women. Therefore I thought to put light on this subject and reveal the most biggest fact about menstruation. Firstly, let me...

The Tale Of ‘4 Candles’

THE TALE OF FOUR CANDLES 4 Candles Were Talking To Each Other.. 1st: I'm PEACE, No One Needs Me & It Went Off. 2nd: I'm FAITH, Nobody Believes In Me & It Went Off. 3rd: I'm LOVE, Nobody Cares For Me & It Went Off. 4th: I Can Light The Other Three B'coz I'm HOPE & I Last Forever...! Life...

Build Your House Wisely

Building Your House An elderly carpenter was ready to retire. He told his employer-contractor of his plans to leave the house-building business to live a more leisurely life with his wife and enjoy his extended family. He would miss the paycheck each week, but he wanted to retire. They could get by. The contractor was sorry...

Motivation Dose : Remove Extra Lemon From Water!

Remove extra lemon from water !! I still remember the day I was preparing fresh lime water for the first time. I ended up adding almost five times the amount of lemon than needed. It was a disaster. I had to correct it anyhow. How I wish I could remove some lemon juice from water to make...

No, He Doesn’t Make Me Happy; I AM HAPPY !

After years of hard & dedicated service to his Company, Ajay was being appointed at an elegant reception as the new Director. It was a small function where his wife Anita, a Home Executive & some of the wives of the other persons in top management were also present. In an adjacent room, Ann, the wife...

Let’s Wander Where The WiFi Is Weak – By Jyoti Agarwal

Lets wander where WIFI is Weak… When I was casually browsing Internet I found this quote.. was written by someone anonymous. This got me into thinking deep how true it is. Why do we go on holidays? Why do we even consider sending huge amount of saving on our monthly or yearly travels? We do...

Her Womb, Her Choice.. Her Decision, Her Voice..

Best thing I’ve read today! Got married 10 years ago.. But, alas!! No child to show.. It’s not that I haven’t tried But all miscarried, none survived.. Each day, every hour is a struggle to cope, But keep going on, how can I lose hope?? The pain and trauma that I go thru.. Pray to GOD, give me one, when you can...

After 59, 60, 65 years, only happiness rejuvenates!

From a friend - The singer and model, former first lady of France, Carla Bruni, said in an interview something very true: "After 50 years, beauty is the result of kindness, elegance, your thoughts. It is no longer about the body and physical features. Beauty becomes a state of one's spirit; a sparkle in the eyes;...

I Once Knew This Girl – By Laveesha

I once knew this girl.. - by Laveesha Kotwani I once knew this girl, chirpy, bubbly, strong and always smiling. Rebellious against society norms; loud and clear against the wrong. But one day she disappeared. That day was a usual one for her, bright and sunlit; classes and fatigue; life and her. Until next moment she was locked, blocked and pulled by the hands...

Croatia President : The Lady Who Won Hearts at FIFA 2018

Croatia's President Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic won everyone's heart at the FIFA World Cup 2018 Final between Croatia and France. Though, being a President she flew economy class to Russia and watched the match with fans till recognised. She was then offered a seat in the VIP Box. She was unhappy though as she was not...

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