Change Should Come From Within!!!


Money is really important and we can’t even buy a single tea without money, can’t provide the education for our children and unfortunately, this is what exactly happening in India.Out of the total poor people in this world, 30% are from India alone. There were thousands of farmers deaths from the 1990s. People are not able to use their rights given by the government, A poor kid cannot go for the quality and free education, A middle-class man can’t eat three times a day satisfactorily. There are so many reasons for this suffering but the main reason is Corruption.

The effects of corruption are countless. Poverty, Famine, Lack of Education,the high cost of daily home needs, high taxes etc., India ranked as the 76th least corrupt nation out of 175 countries, according to the 2015 Corruption Perceptions Index reported by Transparency International. Corruption Rank in India averaged 75.14 from 1995 until 2015, reaching an all-time high of 95.00 in 2011 and a record low of 35.00 in 1995. According to the sources, 71 Lac Crores Indian rupees are deposited by Indians in Swiss banks and this is more than the rest of world combined.This is more than the GDP of 180 countries.This is more of the condition to be ashamed than problematic. It seems the corruption is rising day by day and being unstoppable. The very pathetic thing is the people who are involved in the corrupted hide themselves and blame others. But in actual the people who are involved in the Corruption gets promoted easily and make so much money in a very short time. This makes the condition even more worse. People are also used to this because it is so easy to get things done quicker otherwise the work will be delayed and might not even done for years. There is no quality in a system which is filled by the Corruption and in order to get the quality in service one need to pay the bribe for it. This can be seen in so many domains like Municipality, Pharmacies, Education, Revenue , Employment etc., This can cause poor quality of service, poor healthcare, unemployment because one can get a degree without studying, one can get a job without qualified knowledge. This is also a cause for lack of faith and trust in people about the government.

Corruption is also a big effect on economic growth of the company. Corruption is the cause for delay in the nation’s growth, the decrease in foreign investments, lack of development.The scams like 2G Spectrum, Commonwealth games, Coal Gate , stamp paper Scam, Satyam scam are the numbers which can not be counted and understand by a common man.153 members out of 543 members of parliament have criminal cases pending against them.Since Independence India lost INR 91,06,03,24,00,00,000.The government proposes a very high budget and qualified schemes every year and feels proud that our country is gonna change. The Corruption is the reason for unequal distribution of the resources to the people of the country and increase in unequal economic status.But the country cannot be developed until unless the people who are involved in corruption and who destroy the country with the scams for their own good are changed.


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