Chocolates Do Express the Feeling Inside You.. Read And Gift


Chocolate day – the third most awaited day in the Valentine week after roses and proposals day. This day is celebrated on 9 February, 2016 and is one of the most special occasion which is celebrated with lot of happiness by each and every one.

The word “chocolate” probably comes from the Spanish. The most likely scenario is that the Spanish combined the Maya word chocol, meaning “hot”, and the Aztec atl (“water”) to form chocoatl. The correct pronunciation of “tl” is “te” (“tay” in Spanish).

Chocolate always hold some special place in everyone’s heart.. If you really want to please someone, thank you, sorry, welcome, see off and cheering up  chocolates are all time best thing you can gift to share with your loved once.. They sweeten your relations and it is the best way to make people delighted.

Lets see what these delicious Chocolates have in secret to tell us about apart from there mouth watering taste..


1. Dairy Milk Silk: I Miss You..

So if you are missing someone and cannot say it directly, all you have to do is send them this tasty, melting chocolate to convey your feelings. surely after feeling silk lately they’re gonna miss your feel too..


2. The Milk Chocolate: All Time Favourite

This chocolate includes the sweetness of milk mixed well with yummy chocolate. Milk chocolate just melts in your mouth and gives you delicious taste. It is one of the most memorable things of our childhood. So in the same way while you hand the Milky Bar to someone, you convey your feelings regarding them being irreplaceable.

3.Kit Kat: Special Someone

Crunchy Chocolate bar coated with chocolate gives you extra ordinary and special feel.You always share your other half of KitKat with that person who means a lot to you. So give them a KitKat and wait for them to share it with you as well. Easy way to say your feelings.

4. Bournville : Extremely Loveable..

Dark Chocolate has a bit of bitterness in it and if someone gives you a bar of dark chocolate then he/she definitely likes you. So tell them how much you really like them and what importance they hold in your life with a Bournville.

5. Ferrero Rocher: Will You Be Mine.?

One of the most delicious chocolate ball, a bit expensive, but those crunchy hazelnut mix chocolate will surely leave you with the immense pleasure and complete satisfaction. Apart from the taste, the golden wrapping makes it look perfect and is phenomenal. All celebrations are just incomplete without this delicious chocolate balls. Offering Rocher and proposing someone to be your’s for ever, I am sure they can’t deny..



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