Choosing Your Husband Is Choosing Your Future!


‘Choose wisely’ – by Inder Laleja

“Story of every girl in her late 20’s”

Whenever I date, I think, “Is he the man I want my children to spend their weekends with?” – It isn’t just a statement but a thought in every girls mind who is single and is looking to get settled with ‘the one’.

It dates back to 2012, when after a lot of struggle and convincing my parents, I along with my 2 besties, left for our first even ‘girls only’ trip to Goa. The trip was nonetheless one of the most memorable trips of my life.

From boozing for the first time ever in our lives to returning back to the Hotel late night exploring the night life of Goa. From hiring an open jeep for the first time to driving it ourselves ruling the streets of Goa. Aah, what amazing fun we had. But wait. That wasn’t enough. The best part of this trip was meeting ‘the man of my life’


I never knew what was written in my destiny as I never believed in arrange marriages. After all ‘choosing your husband is choosing your future’ and how can the decision of entire future be taken in just a couple of hours or couple of days for that matter.

It was by luck I met Saransh. I still remember, my father calling me that same night an hour before I met Saransh for the first time. As anticipated, the call was made to inform me that as soon as I am back I am suppose to meet my dad’s close friend and his son at our house. That was the only moment I felt even a place like Goa can’t save my life. But I was wrong.

While we were enjoying our dinner at St Antony’s on Baga Beach with live Karaoke, my ears could hear something. Mah name and my favorite song – ‘Girl, yo my angel! My Darling angel’. It was Saransh who in front of everyone dedicated my favorite song to me in his not so melodious voice. Lol

At first, I was a little surprised and a bit shocked. But alas it was his guts which let us be good friends. Never ever did anyone tried so hard to win my attention. He did. After all he followed me for 3 long days and could get some information by sweetly bribing one of my best friend. Yes, you read it right we girls do not have just ‘one best friend’, we have multiple.

Luckily, I could convince my parents and could manage to buy a couple of months from them informing them with complete transparency what I was upto. I wanted to know Saransh may be a lot more. A few weeks are always better than a couple of days.

Weeks passed by and with every single passing day I could know Saransh more closely. Our thoughts matched, so did our plans for life. But most importantly, its the respect he always displayed for me which made me loose my heart.

Today, I am married to Saransh and I am happy. I have seen couples happy but at the same time I have seen a few questioning themselves-‘wish I could have taken sometime to know him before saying a yes’. My best friend who revealed my name to Saransh made my life but may be she didn’t get enough time from her family to choose the right man for her’. She is a single parent of a lovely daughter who agrees to give her daughter as much time as she wants when its the right time for her.

Friends, do not be in a hurry. Take your time. Its not just a matter of a day, its a question of a lifetime. Marry the right man. After all choosing your Husband, is not just choosing your future but choosing a future for your kids and for your own family for that matter.

All the best for your search.


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