Chums: You Change Everything Inside Me!

Image Credits: Rajesh R. (@RajeshPencil)

Chums or in simple language what we call” periods”. Just trying to break the menstrual taboo, I want to deal with it in a very normal way. It’s as normal for a woman as breathing is.

It is there gifted to us by Mother Nature and we can’t do anything about it but to deal with it naturally and normally.

But Dearest Chums, whenever you come you change everything inside me. I feel restless ,tired and depressed. I feel unhygenic.

I feel like bathing number of times just to feel tidy. and then keeping  those plastic sheeted pads and tampons is even worse. I  feel loaded mentally and physically. I want to scream loud cry loud in one time and just the other minute i want to remain calm and sleep on the bed without  even moving for once so much of hormonal imbalances goes on inside me that gives me drastic mood swings. I go clueless as how to deal with this crimson tide.

But then u are a part of me.

If adolescent females doesn’t get you on the right time l, they worry like shit and long for you to come.

People marks you as a sign of fertility. Fewer more stubborn religious doesn’t allow females to enter the kitchen or even touch anything outside. Many people, many taboos, many thinkings and many rituals.

So much of fear and shame is attached with you. Girls actually are uncomfortable to even take ur name. They feel taking your name is sin and shameful. They actually make the sanitary pads and tampons packed separately and get it fully covered so that it’s not visible to the people around.

But then Dear Chums, I am not complete without you!!!  I am not a woman without you!!!

You are there in me. These monthly cycles takes a toll on me but then you are needed to make me feel like a complete woman.

So things are needed to be changed and so is our behavior and our mentality! You need to be accepted by the society in a more normal and elated way.

It has to be talked around, accepted around and solved around!

And we the women can only change the flow of acceptance. We need to see this in a very positive way. we need to talk about it with our daughters, friends, sons, husbands in a normal way which would help them to accept it very gracefully and easily.

We need to educate people and the schools and the homes especially the man to understand the changes inside us.

It’s as natural as sleeping and eating. Its there.. we hate it ..we love it.. but we cannot ignore it.

It makes us BEING WOMAN.

It makes us feel complete.


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