Collected my self back to believe in love ,but I failed because of religion ..


I wonder what life is and wonder what religion is ..I look back and smile of what I have gone through and feel where did I go wrong journey is been rough and ruthless still go beautiful and experimental ..ever since I have come to my senses I realise it’s funny and society is to be blamed for it ..I come from a family where being a good human was religion to me and that’s what I have been taught and preached ..I still remember my first affair ,so was I happy and exited to this commited relationship and dreaming of a beautiful life with him and like every girl does I wanted to be apart of his family ..little did I know my dreams would be shattered not because I ain’t worth him but because his family feels that a Muslim girl cannot be married in my house .i would have accepted the fact if I wasn’t educated ,did not want to adjust in his family or was not beautiful or my any means lower to his expectations ..All was going great while one fine day he turned off my name from his life without letting me know what wrong have I done .My life’s dream partner is just a stranger one fine day and I don’t know why.My life came to a standstill I did not know where to go he shut the door on me and said I don’t want to be in touch with you .Trust me life failed for me ,darkness around me ,where do I go and what do I do ..all I was wanting him to look back and say just what happened and what did I was more painful than I can describe as I only landed in the hospital with low BP and he just did not care took me months to forget him and there was not even one time that I left any chance to make this relationship work .While admis’t my efforts to come off my depression here I go I have a friend who now becomes my shoulder to cry and I feel good that I have a friend to share my thoughts and my sadness with ,while this friendship turned to a liking and now I realised he is the one who will take care of me .I was so happy now that someone who I can trust and love and care is just here all going great from cooking for him to travelling 300 kms just to see him life was so amazing that I can’t really describe in words and just when life was super Awsome there comes a surprise ,he had a prayer at his place and I was invited ,so exited to meet his family and looking forward to my new journey and here I do dressed up for the occasion and have made all preparations in his house for the prayers and now that the time is come to address me ,he very sweetly indroduces me as Poonam and not my name and the world had just turned back again for me .i couldn’t believe it history repeats again .i cannot get married to him because it is against the society and religion to have married a different caste .I am in bits and pieces now ,torn apart once again .he cannot go against his family and his mother does not want to accept me ,so here I am out of his life too and I stand strong until the third picture starts while now I am a little stronger to have broken down and trying to control my life .Being beautiful and presentable could be a boom or a blast I don’t know ,I now come across a office buddy who cannot stop making me feel special and turned my life into a fairy tale ,amazing that I was and charming in his life he called me an angel and now this time I really cannot make a mistake so I told him if you can get married to me we take it forward else no point .He said his family does not want him to settle as of now and one fine day he gets a transfer and boom he is out ,shocked for ever all that happened to me is unbearable and now I am into depression I can’t eat I can’t get up from bed and with all doctors all treatments failed a month of struggle with health I realised I need some mental help and I did go for 4 hypnosis sessions to get back to my normal self and all I realised is I am happy single and can live my life without any moral support is given me great teachings but just a question that holds on to me

In love ,where does religion come from ?

I am still looking for true love ,The Guy Who can love me beyond caste creed religion factors like age n so on

I lost all my relations  only because of religion .while my religion is humanity ,kindness and goodness . I still follow my principles and forgive all ..

Just a question left behind

In love ,Where does religion come from ..

CRedit :True stories by Pri


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