Did You Know These Traits Makes You Sexy In Front Of Men ..? Comment Yours Like A Boss..


5 personality traits that men find irresistibly sexy in a women and no they are not even remotely connected to skin color or hot and sexy looks.
Check out how many traits fall in your bucket!

1. Confidence- Like A Boss
Confidence is the swag that can never be underestimated. She knows how to make the best of what she has and how to camouflage the bits she’s still working on. Tall or short, fair or dark, fat or skinny, she rules her own world.
2. Focused- Like A Laser
She knows that her love life is not her only priority in life. She is independent or on a way to be there. She is focused towards her dreams yet to be realized. Her ability to be strong is derived from her own knowledge, intuition and ambition.

3. Tantrums- Like a Drama Queen
She knows how to act and when to react. She may be kiddish in a second and matured the next second. She knows the quantity of drama to be thrown to grab his attention. A perfect sugar plus salty combination.

4. Humor- Like A Charlie
Even in stressful times, humor can get the things going! She gets the intended pun in jokes and is able to put up a dash of sarcasm with fun, not making fuss about trivial issues.

5. Sensual- Like A Victoria’s Secret *wink*
She is someone who is very comfortable with her sexuality and knows how to initiate intimacy. With her ability to make the first move when it comes to bedroom and lovemaking matters, she appears to be much more attractive to men.


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