Dream A Little Dream For Me!!!


Surely “Dreams” are the definite part of all our lives. We dream when we are awake and we dream when we are sleeping.  Personally our dreams are mostly on the positive mode . We want  to earn hell lot of money ,live a high grade life, own the luxurious cars, but did we ever count the smiles on the faces surrounding us? and the percentage of satisfaction deep inside our souls?

Life is full of surprises……..Sheel…now..aged 35….dreamt for herself ,as, how she wants to make her life to be…. She dreamt about how she would make her parents and siblings proud of her one day…..She dreamt of how she would go to Mumbai one day and stand in front of her favorite actor’s  house to catch a glimpse of him…..and smile like an idiot. She dreamt of a very liberal society..and  loved the feelings of it.

She dreamt big. and knew dreaming small is a crime in itself.

She usually use to ponder how come any book….or any flick ..can be any kind of inspiration? How can anyone can feel the essence of another person’s dreams?

She believed no best sellers ,no personality,  no flick can ever understand the beauty of other persons dreams and aspirations.

It’s so personalized and so own .Only and only Sheel can admire and feel the aesthetic value for the same.

The world will never end and nor the norms of the world.

Sheel got married …had two daughters..and went with the flow of the destiny. By the time she realised that her life has become a monotonous shit for her….and her dreams are no where…it seemed a bit late for her.

The phrase “keep dreaming …keep believing..dreams do come true “kept on hitting her mind now and then.

She wanted to do more in her life and nurturing came to her easily.

Sheel started spending more and more time with her kids and started nurturing their talents from the scratch ,and inculcating more dimensions in their personality. She taught them to  “dream big”and work on it to achieve them .Her kids are now an software engineer working for Google and the second one is a classical dancer who owns a  chain of dance schools in the country and abroad.

Sheel has started a school now……where she plants a seed of dreams in the little hearts and soul and nurture them with dedication.

She works on hundreds of “SHEELS” today…and stand by them until and unless..they achieve their dreams .Sheel dreamt a little dream for herself and is  working on it……..Is there any Sheel in you?…who did not dare  to work on her dreams? You are never late guys…get started now.

Dream Big…!!!!


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