A Drive To Remember.. For Life..!!


My First date..!


Ours is an arranged marriage. When my husband came home for the first time he was offered drinks being an Army Officer.. started with Beer moved to Whisky. Then he asked my father do you all play cards.. yes so gambled. Wanted to speak to me alone took me into our garden. Said you mind if I smoke !!! Told him No… then shared all his girlfriends stories # bank balance # etc. Told me you want to say No to this relationship please do tell me, I will say No from my end so that you don’t have to face any hassels from your folks. I am Not interested to know anything of your past affairs if any etc .. we begin on a trust from now.. I was clean bowled at his honesty what more can a girl want; such strong shoulders. Took me out for a drive.

Till we got married thats nearly a year after we met.. I wrote a letter every day to him as he was posted in a field area. I was treated as family from day one by my in-laws. Thats my story of my first date with him. Its 46 years since we are married and these are the best times we are getting to spend with one another.. Our love keeps growing.. You don’t have to say I love you all the time… #The care #concern #tender #touch #space #noQuestions #meansalot. Blessed indeed.. Love you Jaan.

As many times as I take birth want you as my life partner.

Wish all those who read my story are as happy or happier..❤❤



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