Empowered Promises Every Girl Should Make To Their Guy..


The Fifth Day of Valentine week is Promise Day on 11th feb.. A promise is made to your partner that he or she will never ever leave your side on any condition. Don’t make such big and fake promises which cannot be fulfilled.

Instead show more love by your actions and less by promises. In a relation the trust should be between both the people who are in a relation but not on these promises. Always make a promise which you can fulfill. Relationships are amazing. There’s no better feeling than the butterflies that flutter in our stomach and the way our heart races when we hear our significant other’s voice, the way we feel so much more alive just because we know there’s someone out there who loves us unconditionally.

On the Promise Day, here are the top 4 promises that girl should make to there loved one’s

I will always stand by you, Love you unconditionally:

You changed my life; you started a fire in my heart, you give me butterflies with a quick glance, and you have helped me realise just how beautiful and fulfilling life can be. By making this promise, you can show that you are equally committed and responsible for the relationship. You care and want to be with your guy for ever and ever.


I promise not to bring up that thing from six months ago that is totally irrelevant to our current argument:

While all women are elephants in terms of memory, what is the point of bringing up something that we settled? It’s important to forgive, forget, learn, and stay in the present, or we will never move forward together. So Promise your love that you’ll never bring all those grounded blast from the past to the present condition..

I promise to split costs:

There is no reason you should pay for everything all the time.. It’s not emasculating; it’s balanced and fair. With mutual understanding you can make a longer and smoother relationship..

I promise to keep it spicy: 

Despite any fights we might have, I will not use our special intimate time together as a threat to get what I want. Yes, I’ll buy your favorite color lingerie. Yes, I’ll do that thing with your ear. Yes, I’ll try something new with you. We both have to make sure we keep it hot, and I promise to do my part.


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