Facebook Is Just An Entertainment Website. Not A Place To Fall In Love!



Whatever age group you may fall in, falling in love with someone is the new trend on social media.

The biggest weakness of anyone today is love but what if it comes easy?


I joined Facebook in late 2015 after a lot of push from my best friend Pooja. I still remember her favorite quote which she always use to say – ‘Facebook is a complete world in itself’ (Facebook apne aap main ek poori duniya hai).

I use to consider her just another crazy girl who is mad about social media and making new friends. After all she is on Facebook from the past 7 years and its a long long time.

As cool as a cucumber and as hot as a flame of fire was Pooja’s only acquaintance on Facebook – Rohit. Pooja and Rohit have been interacting with each other on Facebook for about a couple of years now. A guy from South Delhi who shifted to Mumbai a few years back to pursue his Engineering from IIT. Ah! Sounds someone really focused about career. Isn’t it? Someone who would visit his native atleast once in a couple of months just to see his parents. Ah! Sounds like an agyakaari son. Isn’t it? Pictures on Instagram with sisters and kids. Celebrating festivals with them, spending time with family- Posts related to ‘No smoking’ and Vichaars related to ‘Say No To Dowry’. Ah! Sounds like a perfect gentleman. Isn’t it?

What does-a-girl expect from a guy? Everything you just read above. How could have Pooja said a ‘No’ to him specially when he proposed my best friend in front of a hundred people by going on his knees in the very first date.

Things were good until they were to meet for the sixth time  and this time not alone at Rohit’s room, as insisted and pushed by him always. (I hope you could imagine what I mean). This time Rohit was caught red-handed when a lady approached Pooja in a restaurant while she was sitting across the reserved table and waiting for Rohit. The lady was no one else but Rohit’s wife. Yes, Rohit was already married and has been faking around with my best friend since the day they connected on social media.

I often see Pooja smiling but that is the day I last saw her ‘faking a smile’.
So far, so good – after all, for a few, its pire love and for a lot many its just a fling. But what about the person who gives cent percent in a relationship trusting you in and out.

Looks like yet another victim of fake love where one of the two is emotionally abused. Hold On! There’s more to it as the affair wasn’t limited to only ‘The emotional rape’. It breaks you down not just mentally but physically too. At an age where you trust people, seeking each other’s support, making each others dream come true, with such incidents you spoil your career and waste your days of youth, resulting in loss of trust in anyone forever.

The girl I know was not just full of life but someone who always filled others life with love, fun and craziness. One who could not stop giggling all the time and cracking some stupid yet to friendly jokes. Today, she is alive but somewhere dead in her heart. Trusting anyone again may not be a thing again in her life.

Such an incident, not only kills one life but all the lives connected. It not only impacts one single person but a whole bunch of people connected to the victim.

Just remember the lady in your house. May it be your sister or a daughter or a mother. How would you feel if any girl/ woman in your family becomes a victim.

Stop finding your prince ‘charming’ on Facebook to keep your ‘charm’ intact.


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