From Marriage to Divorce..


A dream of every girl to get married to the man of her life every girl I also had dreamt of the most vulnerable dream guy and was so happy to find the man who will hold my hand and fill my life with love and happiness and could not wait for the day of my marriage. And the day is come I am nervous ,exited ,happy ,scared but with all the trust in him I am giving my life to him .Leaving away my family friends name life ..I step into a new life a new family and new name .What a day ,it is the most precious day of my life ,it will change my life .I am so happy and glad to live my life with you forever.Trusted you and have come to Color our life with joy and happiness.

Little did I know I trusted the wrong hand , I was so busy dreaming of the fairy land that I forgot to get my reality check .Oh is this the man whom I wanted to live my life with? The man who makes me realise that I was born to sacrifice for him and his family .i wasn’t the daughter but I am the daughter in law.I have the right to smile but only when they want.I cannot ask for anything I want but live at the mercy of the family.But marriage is what I wanted and I am a girl so I have to sacrifice what will my parents go through if I told them I was not happy .Will the society accept me and understand my pain. Can I go back to the family I belong too.But everyone has to compromise   And so I have to as well.

Years have gone by and I have forgotten to smile .I am in pain yes in bad pain but I can’t express . I am caged and my life is not what I wanted it to be like .I live like a slave.What next where am I heading .No answers to my questions ..I am tired and I don’t want to live anymore .I am broke and almost dead body.No hope and way out.

While just when everything was over ,there came a ray of hope in my life .I banged into a friend of mine and when everything failed a few old memories got me open my love story and now that sh could sense my pain asked me to let free from the cage and live like a free bird.

Easy to say but hard work to digest ,breaking the rules of the society and standing up for your rights and wanting to live your life with your own terms and conditions .Sorry girl not so easy the most favourite society had its say..but I had to choose what I want I wish to live like a dead body or stay alone but in peace .

I had my answers and now the time had come to pull myself ,stay strong and stand up for myself .Its today or never .Its a tough fight but a fight for my own happiness . I have to do it.

I decided and took my move .Yes I wish to give a divorce to your son ,my dear mother in law not because I wish to go ,it’s cause your son forgot I trusted him and he promised the smile on my face.I gave everything for this family and this family thought I was their slave ,I did this for the man of my life and he forgot that I exist and I am apart of his identity.I wish you could understand I am also a woman like you and I deserve to be treated well.

I want to go for my self respect .I want to go for my identity .I want to go to find my own self and I break this bond with pride and divinity .I stand for my self even if no one else does. Finally I did divorce him and I am happy with my life and much stronger and much better .

Every girl has the right to live and she should live.

I take control of my life ,do you …..

Credits :My life by Pri


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