Happy Independence Day !!


My friends sister in law was wedded into a rich family. She was brought up in comforts and luxuries so her parents ensured that the family into which she was wedded was well off too. They were very rich with a spacious flat and an array of cars. But as time went by they did not behave well with her. She was not allowed to go out alone, was not given money to spend, whatever she wanted was given to her at home. She couldn’t go out with friends nor to her parents place. Her husband too didn’t care much for her feelings nor give her time. She led a miserable life though in luxuries. Independence is very crucial for a woman. It’s a wrong notion that Independent woman are not devoted to their families. They too care equally for their loved ones. They cannot give as much time as a home maker but they are equally involved. Housewives too are not doormats. Emagine them being held up in the house for the kids or if someone has not taken the keys. Sometimes they are alone throughout the day and they hardly get the attention they deserve. What is freedom if you are not given the liberty to lead your life on your own terms. We are not free in the true sense unless we surpass the boundaries we encounter in our journey as a woman. Open up, talk of your insecurities, fight for your right, work towards being you and look after your family. freedom is just beyond the boundaries we set for ourselves, cross them. Alone we can conquer the world but with family even a small victory seems worthwhile…try taking the small step today…Happy Independence Day to all…don’t take your freedom for granted.ARchana Sadashiv Wagle


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