Hey You!!! Smuggle A Time For Yourself



It was the usual early morning. Sheel  ,was  sipping tea and pondering over..  what life has saved  for her in the future?

As in now, life seemed perfect. Her kids are doing academically well and has a loving husband. Every frame looked perfect…but then that very inch of hollowness is stuck somewhere deep inside her heart. She wondered why so? Why such a feeling of incompleteness and loneliness creeps down inside her heart and lingers in her mind.

The whole day, she spends goes on completing all the pending works….whether it’s of her husband’s or of kid’s. She spends the whole day supporting them in her work and finishing all  the household chore like a machine.

She was wondering when was the last time she lived for herself?  She was unable to figure out…


So people and not just any Sheels ..housewives ..but every single person who starts their days by making up their minds to finish off their works and live a vegetable kind of life…..its time to focus  on our priorities…and take things in our stride.

We should start making decisions and not excuses…just let the wrong things go. Its not the crime to ask for help if needed…laugh when you can and cry when u need to…there’s nothing to be ashamed off. .treat yourself as normal humans and not machines neither superheroes .Just stay true to your values.. that matters.

Why do we compromise on our happiness? HEY YOU!!!hold ur head up……and dance when everyone is watching. If u feel the crave ..eat your dessert first….play in the rain..and break the rules once in a while.

Learn to forgive people around you…..make quality time for family ……and don’t count the minutes and laughters either.

Try to see things from a different perspective ….start from any scratch….start any creativity and start something that fills your soul with utter satisfaction and happiness.

And if you are tired …take a break….get yourself charged and then bounce back with  full force and enthusiasm.

Live simple..and love well…and take time to smell flowers along the way. Smuggle that quality time for yourself.


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