How a Family abandoned their old dog


He was old and could not walk and we tried abandoning our dog .

When my son was 1 year old we got him a pet dog “tiger” . Tiger was a street dog and just 2 months . We read some where that having pets specially dog help kids to grow emotionally and makes then good human being.

Tiger was a great and well behaved dog and 1st friend of my son . He could always sense stress and happiness in me and react accordingly . Most of the time he use to follow me every where . If I go to kitchen he will wait outside my kitchen door waiting for me to come outside . If I am sitting on a chair he will always sit below my chair.

Gradually tiger grew old and could rarely move and some time even piss inside the house. Things changed from family member to he became luggage . Some time after coming from office and cleaning those things started irritating us. In place like Mumbai where you live in a single room and kitchen flat, such things make situation extreme .

Initially we thought he has just left with few months and we tried managing things but even after 6 month things didn’t changed and gradually me and my husband thought of abandoning him on one Sunday .

On Sunday morning we got his favourite toy, his bowl and some food for him . He looked sad as he could sense the crime we going to commit and he looked heart broken . I could not see on his eye as I was feeling guilty .

I got into the car my husband was driving and my son and tiger were on back seats. It was raining outside my husband drove around 50 km toward outskirts of the city . We reached a lonely place where people could not see us, what we are doing.

We got him down from the car, gave him some food which he refused to eat , placed his toy next to him and we pat at his backend then we left him there it self .

As we drove back he kept looking toward us. I could see him from our car mirror . During the whole incident my son was silent.

We stopped at place on our way back to have some tea. While having tea my son said ” Some day you will also go old and won’t be able to walk ” . He had anger and tears in his eyes and he left his tea and went to the car and sat.

We sat silent thinking about the crime we did …. Deep inside my heart I wanted to get the tiger back but I was silent. As soon as my husband finished his tea we again set on the car to go back.

But my husband took U-Turn even he had realised his mistake … We drove back to same place, it was still raining and tiger was still at the same place under the tree where we left him, he was waiting for us. His bowl was full of rain water and his food was floating he was wet and shivering with cold.

We took him to the car made him warm and dry with cloth. Since then we all took good care of him . After few months he died a natural death, teaching us the most important lesson of life .

Many time in life we often treat people in a odd way when we feel they are no longer useful to us forgetting the things they did for us in past or forgetting that we will also be old some day. Treat your loved ones in a good way even when they are old …. Because our old parents who can’t walk now , gave us their hand to hold and made us walk when we could not walk….by GDR


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