How Far Can You Go In Love?


How far will you go for love? by Gayathri Rajeev

If you have ever fallen in love you would know it is not easy.

But you would also know that it’s worth it. Well, most relationships take a good amount of time and effort. Sometimes it just means trusting rather than knowing, it would mean believing just cause it feels right and nothing more.

Love is a feeling but it is perhaps the most powerful feeling in the world ,at times it feels like your falling into a chasm blindly having FAITH that it is going to be alright.

When you loved someone if you ever have then you would completely relate to how irrational it is .it wouldn’t be anything at all or it could be everything ,you really can’t make out what it is that you like your existence just becomes much better because of the existence of your beloved.

At times the high that you had in the initial stage of your love fades. It wanes in a sad and terrible way.You feel like it’s not worth it anymore, you find other people more attractive, you may see only flaws but perhaps knowing how much you can accept and live with these so called flaws is the point where love truly begins or sadly at times ends.

To be more accepting and more compromising as women is something we hear a lot from our peers as well as elders and the independent carrier oriented woman of today finds it extremely difficult to compromise in a world, where her role to play is equal if not greater than her male counter parts.

The question is why should she? Well according to previous history women have been as brilliant as they are today perhaps the only thing is they hadn’t been so loud about it till recently. The concept of leaning in had not been taught to us just yet.

Now the trick in the game is to balance the old world principles with modern day radicalism.To make sure your voice is heard yet be the wonderful understanding family person we’re known to be.To be a kind enough mother and a caring wife,perhaps even be a kind and supporting girlfriend to the boy you love.

Today we see many young girls and boys who break up with their partners just for some irrelevant reasons. At times the defect could be in ourselves than the other person.

Who is to blame really we’re not sure ,media also encourages this.Quite a few years back the media would make movies in which however illogical the plot maybe the hero had to get together with the heroine one way or the other,whereas now we’re taught to try people out as we try out chairs (perhaps its just a bandage to the young broken soul, not to lose hope and that true love is out there for her but today the guy she met is not set for her).

The boom of social media has created more havoc than good with seemingly good options available at your fingertips without you really having to go out and meet the person. This makes it seem more easy to discard the person we are with at the present instance than before ….

Don’t like your boyfriend? get another one. Or maybe just have a hook up with someone. Either way the options are endless. Or they seem so. But are we really happy? Are we genuinely contended from the bottom of our hearts? I don’t know…

It’s easy to break relationships but its damn difficult to make a good one with trust and affection.

In every seemingly perfect relationships there will be ups and downs but the success comes in noticing the ups more than the downs .We have just one life we cannot waste is squabbling with our loved ones .Rather we must relish each moment of this wonderful life and see the highs more than the lows and just enjoy.

Love takes effort ,it always has it always will.What they tell you about the easy kind of love is bullshit .But unlike other things the love and effort you give generates for you great dividends simply because you are happy to give the effort.



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