I Am A Tigress And I Love My Stripes – By Ruma


You are a Tigress. Love your stripes ?– By Ruma Vishal Mundhar

She stood before the mirror, admiring her looks , yet worried about her next modelling assignment. She was still setting the ramp on fire but what’s next? Her five months pregnancy.

She had started showing a little plump and prosperous. What was playing on her mind were the stretch marks. Every trimester had its own anxieties and enjoyments. The mood swings, the cravings, sleeplessness but the pampering from family and the fluttering movements inside made her forget everything and enjoy her pregnancy.

But what about her modelling career? How would she wear low waist dresses and her sexy saree look? Her confidence was going down. The hour glass figure could be gained back with rigorous workout but what about the stripes, the pragnancy marks?

Finally, the bundle of joy was in her arms. Happiness knew no bounds. The angel had brought new light and rejoice but each time in secret vicinity she checked her marks.

She asked her friends and family, all the experienced moms, each one suggested home remedies, or cosmetic treatments. Some just told to chill, some were sarcastic, the remedies worked too but not to her satisfaction. One day her husband entered the room and caught her worried expression. The baby blues were playing on her mind. The moment he hugged her, her emotions broke all barriers and his shoulder was wet with tears.

He made her sit, held her hand and said “You are a tigress, so love these stripes.”

A sudden streak of confidence flashed in her mind and heart. “Yes I am a tigress and I love my stripes and I shall still rule the forest with my tiger and my cub.”

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Picture representing stretch marks during pregnancy.

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