I Am who I Am


*I Am who I Am* – By Varushka Chettiar
I could be beautiful or ugly, smart and silly and at times even moody, but I have always been I love with those crazy sides of ME.

When I look for a shoulder to lean on, I have not given up I have just taken a break before I get back in action once again. I will again run away far when I am up.

My emotions and feelings solely belong to me and have nothing to do with your presence. They are a part of me; I chose to experience them because I believe in expressions and that is important to me.
I am not afraid of failures and neither will I fall prey to negativity. In my life, if at any point of time I meet failure or become the world’s biggest loser I will stand up and walk again. I am very powerful, strong and capable. There is no end to Me.
I will at no time find myself unworthy of love, I shall never wait for you to acknowledge my worth or make me feel worthy. I am a creation of the creator and that itself is a validation that I am much more that just being worthy.
Yes, I am very ambitious and career driven. You may call me no woman like, and if you do it simply means that you are not capable enough to manage that strong side of me. I am a go-getter and strong-willed, that is how I will always be.
I have my identity and I am not defined by you. I am unique and that is how I chose to be. My identity does not depend upon who you are but on my character and ability. I will always dare to be who I want to be in all righteousness and not someone who you want me to be.
I deserve someone who will uplift me and not deprive me. Make me your priority and not your option or backup plan.
I am not afraid being open and vulnerable. I am not afraid of being imperfect. I am who I am. God made me imperfect so that I call upon him to work in my life and thank him.
On any day when I feel low I will do nothing more than walk up to a mirror and remind myself of the beautiful me and the heart full of love I have in me.
I will not fear if I ever feel lonely. I will seek comfort in the house of holiness where all my guardian angels will reassure me.
And at last, a woman would have once managed you never try to over manage her. My pride will always reside within ME.
‪#‎BeingWoman‬ is “The Real Me”


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