I have nothing to wear :)


I have a party to attend tonight.Since I didn’t go shopping, I am in a position tight.And in hopelessness I despair

Gosh! I have nothing to wear!

I open my wardrobe and down tumbles the suit I picked a week backI stuff it back into the overflowing rack.Oh, it’s slightly loose and needs some tucks here and there.

Gosh! I have nothing to wear!

Yes, last month I had bought a daring red evening gown.But if I wear that, the lady in red will be the talk of the town.Oh no, for such attention I do not care.

Gosh! I have nothing to wear!

How about the new black dress from the Christmas sale?It sure will look good against my complexion pale.But its sleeveless and I can’t leave my unwaxed arms bare.

Gosh! I have nothing to wear!

My daughter points at the ethnic skirt still in the shopping bag.  It has to be beautiful with that exorbitant price tag.But I have no top with which to pair.

Gosh!I have nothing to wear.

I better dress casually in a pair of jeans and t shirt. But which jeans will I fit into, with my increasing girth?Well, I am not in my prime, let’s be honest and fair.

Gosh!I have nothing to wear!

My latest FabIndia kurta is out, for its not pressed.And if I wear that new saree, I will look over dressed.Now, I am really getting cold feet and a scare.
Gosh! I have nothing to wear!

Some dresses in the wardrobe are far too tight.Saved for the day when my figure is again right.Some are kept for sentimental reasons I can’t share.

Gosh! I have nothing to wear!

Being a woman is so difficult, please appreciate .This is why, while getting ready,she makes you wait.To a woman, getting dressed is a nightmare.For inspite of overflowing wardrobe out there .She will have nothing to wear.

By *Rashmi Trivedi *

Author of Woman everything will be fine!


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