I wish ..do you 


Trap of life …I have been wondering from my childhood ,being a girl has been a very weird feeling for me. Do I live for the society or for myself ?? Being a child and while I was being stalked by an old man ,always feared to open up if someone will understand that’s it’s not me ,it’s him who is been following me .i was asked to stay back home cause I would be teased .I was questioned when I started doing a job and had nights shifts ..while to do a job wasn’t a bad thing but the society wasn’t able to accept a girl child of a businessman wanting to do a job .ohh I did not want to get married but the society could accept me single and hundreds of questions were asked if I had a broken affair . Ohh I can’t have guys as my friends Else I could be tagged as a freak ..Ohh if I drink and smoke I have lost my moral values .I can’t wear shorts as then it tags me against religion .I am made to believe that I was born to sacrifice sometimes for my family sometimes for my religion sometime for my relationships and most of the time for this so called society ..Every time I wish to do something I need to check if my society will accept it ..when will I be free from all caste ,creed and religion when will I get to live my life on my terms and conditions ..

Awaited the day..

When I break the norms of the society forget the expectations of the society and breathe free


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