These Inspiring Things “Iron Lady” Left Behind.. Every Women Should Read.


From poor to riches, from struggle to success and from criticism to confidence.. Here are the Inspirational things Iron lady left behind for us to make her personality traits immortal.

1. Wherever you are, be the cream, leave your impression!

Even while she travelled on the landscape full of thorns she left her footprints to be followed. To say, whatever she did, she did it with all her soul. She proved to be the best amongst all the rest.
She was reluctant to join the world of drama and acting but when she did she paved her way to the “Filmfare Award”. Inherited politics in an unpleasant situation, she sworn as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu for three times.
Apart from these, she was trained in Bharatnatyam, Mohini Attam and Kathak and Manipuri. She was a versatile linguistic, she could fluently speak Tamli, English, Kannad, Telugu, Hindi and Malyalam.

2. Fall hard. Bounce harder. Prove your mettle!

On March 23, 1989 her saree was pulled and a part torn, her hair were grabbed in assembly. She faced a lot of criticism for bringing trend of skirts in acting industry. She was surrounded by many accusations for her policy in politics but at the end she always bounced harder.
After the ugly incident in assembly she sworn to herself to enter it again only when she becomes the Chief Minister and after a while, when she did, she walked in like a boss. After criticism for bringing the trend of skirts, she is idolized now for the confidence and her courage that led her to “Best actress award” in the same industry.
Let not be afraid of falling, fall hard but bounce harder.

3. Be the Queen of the kingdom, not of the king!

The iron lady as called by the millions, was raised without any shield by a father, broke all the shackles and had her own fierce style. She being called “Amma” by many, hundreds of people shaving their heads on her demise, crying their heart out, speaks the vacant space she left behind.
Be it ruling the acting world or being the one of the most influential leader of the country she knew what she wanted. She will always be remembered for her immense strength, courage and confidence.

Be the queen, more powerful without the king!



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