It’s Monday again!!


It’s Monday again!!One might be getting those office blues on Monday morning. Relaxxx. Don’t fret girls. You can easily rule your workplace with these easy to follow corporate life insights. Get a hold of these simple techniques and keep enjoying your corporate life exactly like your weekend.

Be Quick & Responsive: The corporate world is undergoing dynamic changes and this dynamism demands go getter attitude. Be an opportunist who pawns upon every opportunity comings its way. Whenever you are assigned some tasks, show your bosses your promptness and quickness by immediately taking up the task.

Perfection: While completing the job at hand, one should always ensure perfection. Take pleasure in your job as pleasure in job brings our perfection in work. Girls, it is time to show the world, you can do your work with the same level of perfection with which you lead your life. While you might be busy chasing perfection in your work, it would ultimately lead you to excellence.

Risk: Always remember that to work is to the risk of not being appreciated. Although a little appreciation goes a long way in building your morale, but don’t be demotivated in the absence of appreciation. Gratitude goes a long way in achieving appreciation. Give your manager a little share of your success in work life. Find ways to approach your boss to discuss the present tasks and giving them the necessary credit. So girls, show a little gratitude to your bosses and taste that jar of appreciation that you have been waiting for so long.

Health: All women reading this article, please note that mental and physical health is quintessential in climbing the corporate ladder. Unstable physical conditions will lead to lack of concentration, absence, tiredness in the workplace will hamper your creativeness, decision making capacity, etc. It may seem very difficult but ensure a small portion of 24 hour to some sort of physical exercise, yoga, outdoor sport, etc. Be a go getter over here by making your employer realize that employees’ health is not an option or benefit rather a necessity.

Work – life balance: Don’t compromise your work life balance. There is another set of world (comprising of your family and friends) that needs your attention, love and support. So don’t forget that you have a lovely family, loving husband, kids and family eagerly waiting for you. All women folks, don’t hesitate to leave your desk at 6 pm. Let the men realize that you have the courage to leave your desk and address the needs of your family, as a result of which these men are able to sit late night and please their superiors and seniors.

All working women, take your all girls trip that you have been delaying for so long. Go out, meet your friends, and let them know that you are there for them.

Communication skills: In a corporate world, one’s performance is often judged by her effectiveness and ability to interact with other peers and colleagues. Right understanding of verbal and non-verbal communication can help communicate your ideas freely, increase your team building efforts, etc. TO be able to understand each other perspective while communicating will help one to broaden his/her perspective.

Networking: Network well with your colleagues and within your industry. Your networking will lead you to information which is not available on the search engines. The one who knows the right people, can charm the right way and can trade information that can be very crucial to grow the company and his/her carrier. The right network will end up finding something new worth learning. So build your network wisely as it may build your networth.


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