Job blunders!! i lived it and I am sure you too..she needs to take that risk..


Job blunders !!!

Should I leave my job or not.what would I do without a job.what if I don’t get a job in notice period .how will I repay my loans .how will I sustain.What will I answer my interviewer.Why did I leave ..will he understand ..

So many questions running in your mind ..I know I don’t enjoy my job..I know I can’t take humilation from my boss in the name of leader and mentor.I don’t want to say yes  even if I don’t believe in it.I know I am not in the right place .

It’s difficult very difficult to take such decisions in your carrier but yes when I could not deal with the unreasonable management decisions after 4.5years I decided to leave my job..just leave now I have decided I shall rule out of the fears of my life and take this risk and stand up for my self ..I simply resigned without a job in hand ,scared and nervous but firm with my decision .Some told be good decision we understand your pain and some simply said how could you do it..take your resignation back.

Thousand of thoughts and fear of failure ..I had to pull myself and say everything will be alright .No one will understand what you going through ,will I be able to stay back and accept some more torture and the answer to myself was no.

What next,a job in hand is what I need.All that went in my mind is I need a job and all that’s what I know ,sleepless nights again not for how my current job treated me but now I need to get my new job on my and night only hunt a job I have 45 days and I can do it ..common I told my self .Giving interviews everyday and awaiting response .30days 30 interviews some matched my job profiles some did many rejection so many failures ..but the faith and only one thought ..when you are good only good will happen to you..was difficult to pull yourself and give even one more interview ..met a lot of kind mentors who were soft and nice to help me get a job and that’s when I realised there are good people that exist in this world ..that was one thing that recharged me..while after so much struggle I got 3 offers and now I had to choose the best for my self  again sleepless nights to finalise what’s best for you but you had to choose ..

Finally taking the name of lord and trusting him took a decision And joined a new company for a new adventure of life .

While the risk was worth it ..I live with dignity .i enjoy my job now and most importantly I am very happy

And that’s called life ..

I hope I could give you the message of life ..

Thanks Almighty for being by my side ..

My journey continues ..Pri


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