Little Issues of Little Lady World.!


Be it the struggle for having the perfect good-hair day to the perfect dress to wear to the party, a woman’s life is always challenging! How to look absolutely gorgeous yet subtle, yet being able to get your prince charming? Check out the small silly yet sensitive issues we all face in our daily life…

  • Date in the evening?.. Let’s try to get a new eye look… May be liners and kajal are done with it, so I should go for those beautiful smokey eye touch.. the tutorial looks simple and easy, will make my eyes look ravishing!


Oohhh no!. Why did I do this to myself..?


  • Bringing up a new nail color with so much of drama inside to get those Kareena’s nails… perfectly applying it on nails, waiting for it to dry, and that wait lasts forever! So cut the crap, get back to work and OH!


Oohh damn.!!  My nail paint is suddenly textured!  *staring yourself in mirror for long time..*

  • Oh wow.. what a good hair day it is.. I am loving this look.. this sexy lip color is perfectly complimenting my hairStoday.. lemm’e try some selfies.. they are gonna be so pretty, I am sure I am gonna get maximum likes and comments ever…


Eww.. I am tired now.. this is not happening..

  • This generally happens girls those who have curls love straight hair.. .and those with straight loves curly hair.. managing those dense hair is a tough task in itself.. if you don’t maintain it properly it makes your hair like a ‘Chidiya Ka Ghosla’ ..


Applying hair spray can help you to manage but by the end of the day you have to face that mess again..

  • That perfect pout with a beautiful lip-color.. those sexy kohl eyes .. and a proper hair-do makes my look pretty awesome…


Meanwhile, Magnifying version of this look scares the shit out of me..

  • When it comes to click a portrait .. we all can act like a model… imagine the blowing winds making your hair wavy.. .a beautiful serene background… you can be a perfect poser with those rising up shoulder and flaunting up your smile.. .


Its ends up with 75% of background in the frame and 25% us. that too looking somewhere else…

Picture credit : C -CASSANDRA



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