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“I have had alopecia since I was a kid. It came and went, usually small bald spots here and there triggered by stress. My friends would ask about my bald spot, and I would come up with a lie. They would always grow back…. up until December 2015. I found a quarter sized bald spot on my head. I hadn’t had alopecia since I was 13. I thought this time it would be like the rest, it would grow back. Fast forward to November 2016, I was losing small amounts of my hair until November… then, I rapidly started losing my hair. I was horrified as any female would be, I was sad, depressed, and I felt UGLY. I wore my first wig in December of 2016. It got so bad I could not hide my spots anymore, I had to wear wigs. I would brush my hair and clumps would fall out. CLUMPS. I cried every time. I balled my face off, I would cry so hard my eyes would almost be closed shut. Finally, on December 26th, 2016 I decided to pull a Britney and shave my head entirely. I was tired of false hope and holding onto literally strands of hair I had left.

I have alopecia totalis. I do not grow hair on my head, my legs, my arms, armpits, and I am slowly losing my eyebrows. Mine was triggered by a massive amount of stress. This disease is not controllable. I never thought I would be brave enough to post a picture of me being bald. I never thought I would be bald…But I am, and I am so proud of myself and the challenges I have overcome and continue to overcome daily.

If you have alopecia (or are doubting your beauty in anyway) know you ARE beautiful no matter what and it gets easier, much easier.

Story by #LoveWhatMatters

A Love What Matters Original Story

Submitted by Shelly Lauzon


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