Love yourself !!


I believe the biggest human affliction is that many of us walk through this world and feel unseen and unheard; we don’t feel accepted and loved for who we really are. We live in fear of truly embracing one another on a deeper level – one that we all yearn for. We fear that showing our true selves is a weekness, that it will somehow make us appear to be less and on the other side of it, we allow others to get away with it! Why are we afraid of deep human connection? We care more about the masks we wear and the masks that others show us. It’s really a superficial world. Few people dig deep and are not scared to show their true selves with such vulnerability and encourage others to do the same. There are not enough people like that… When was the last time you let another really see your soul? And when was the last time you looked into another’s? Really looked. It’s time to look without judging and listen with the intent to understand instead of for the purpose to answer with our own opinions. And that is the strange thing, and shows how ironic the situation is…we do this because we want others to hear us and see us! We all want that! ~ Karen VanderZee


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