You Are My Masterpiece ? By Ruma Vishal Mundha


“You Are My Masterpiece” ?

” The realisation of your presence inside me made me believe in miracles.. it took me nine months to nurture you with my love and care .. Your tiny heart echoed my heartbeats .. remember darling as you grow beautifully.. Don’t allow anyone to cause harm to my masterpiece ❤”

This can be the most beautiful, lovely yet intense advice to a daughter by her mom.. A daughter who is on the threshold of her teens, ready to face the big bad world.. and why just  daughters? A loving and friendly mom can very much instill this in the heart of her adorable son.

Both boys and girls at tender age go through emotional challenges.. they have their own fears , insecurities and competitions ..but if they find an understanding friend in their mom they needn’t go out to search solace ..

In a couple of years my daughter and son will also step in their teens .. but its not that I am waiting for the calendar to announce.. I’ve already begun to show them the mirror of reality.. how the world is and how do they have to behave in various situations.. its not a rocket science.. its just to understand what they think , believe and are yet to learn … I embedded this understanding from my ma and I never felt the need to learn lessons the harsh way …

Every mom is a best for her child.. all we need to do is to be their best friend and guide.. We need to satisfy all their innocent queries.. we might be taken aback by a few questions but we need to handle delicately and wisely.. Don’t loose ur cool even if the questions are in repeat loop❤

Discuss their studies, aims, ambitions, friends (both male and female) and give your advice based on experience and knowledge..

I am no one to preach,  but simply a mom who likes to share a little with other moms..

Our kids, specially daughters need to open up with moms, In fact they are like pearls in their oysters, we need to enter in their shell and nurture them beautifully with the warmth of our love and understanding and guidance..

– Ruma Vishal Mundhar


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