Modern World And Women


Modern world and women From ancient times woman have an important place in our society. From ancient Period only woman is worshiped like a goddess. In India she is worshipped by various names, Sita, saraswati etc. with change in timings there are many changes in traditions and lifestyles. The woman that was worshipped like a goddess is now called by different names, sluts, prostitutes, sex machine etc. Within changes in times woman became just household piece, which is just meant to be kept in homes. May be we are living in independent, modern and developed countries but women never got the freedom the deserved and the freedom which a man enjoys upto excess level. Woman is seen with at much lower level compared to man. In many countries cities or towns there are many girls women who are not given right to education even if its the law. A man leading society never wants that woman should stand at their level. They always want to abundant woman with the pressure and their possessiveness. But now the world is changing THE WOMAN who was considered as a sex machine, house worker, who was forced is no more the same, everything is finished now there are no boundaries that can hold a woman back, she got wings to fly now she is a doctor, she&;s a scientist, she is a pilot, she is an athlete, she is a model, she is an actress she is a singer, she also topper in every field. Woman presents herself at every stage in an extraordinary way and also gives competition to man. Not only mentally women nowadays are also physically strong enough to fight for every problem. Whether its a political factor, educational factor cultural or sports factor, everywhere women are shining and ready to shine more brightly. For a better tomorrow women are playing an important role in society. Every girl and every woman should look at her potential to change the world. BEING WOMAN IS PRECIOUS, BEING WOMAN IS ETERNAL, BEING WOMAN IS GOD BEING WOMAN IS BEING A LEADER.


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