My first love ..


My first love ..The most beautiful feeling that everyone goes through ,so did I …i still remember to see a glance of him in the office canteen and did not actually know he is the love of my life ..I did see him around the floor .he really looked handsome while I could not approach him and like every girl waited when will he talk to him and finally wow here he comes on my table giving reasons and initiating the talk was so obvious he was trying to start the conversation and I could not stop blushing .a sweet smile and goosebumps thinking about him everyday. But the next day I did not see him around ,my eyes were looking out for him 2 I still don’t see him day three ohh god I can’t wait to see him..but he hasn’t turned up,while I overheard his friend speaking that his girlfriend is come from Uk and thus he is having a good time.Could you imagine what I went this ,my heartbroken and I was so low and hundreds of questions running my mind does he really love someone or I am just thinking too much .here he has come to office today but he is ignoring me ,he did take my number but hasn’t called me .i am so waiting for his call .His first call ohhh that’s feeling of love cannot be just expressed heartbeats went high but I had to pretend I am jus fine and that’s okay .he never called me everyday and I so wished he calls me everyday ..he ignored me sometimes and so did I ..but I always waited to see him around and then a day came when I had to leave my job for personal reasons and day to say goodbye to the person you liked and you never could express yourself. .so finally I went to meet him and bid a goodbye and to my surprise he says ohh that’s bad it’s your last day and I don’t know about it can we go down for a coffee .this wasn’t expected and my answer was definatelt yes . Wow my first coffee date and a sweet friendly gesture made me more crazy for him. I had now left the job and contacts he called me one day inviting me for his sisters marriage .i so wanted to go and not go.the fear to see him with his girlfriend at the wedding was making me weak .But I definitely did not want to miss this opportunity to see him,Dressed in my best black dress I stepped in , he saw me and was so happy and I was happier cause I did not see him with his girl friend but did see him dancing with his mom. Ohh I fell in love with him again he could get his eyes off me nor could I ..something had struck between us and he did come to see me off that day . What a lovely moment so pure so true . Could believe myself when he called me for breakfast at his place to meet his mom, so happy and nervous I was enjoyed some wonderful moments with his family and then no contact for few days left me in a vacuum but I was hopeful. And one fine day the cell phone ringed and it was him , his words were I need you can you please come home .i need you ..I just rushed to meet him without knowing the reason all I knew he needs me and when I reached there he was in tears and said I had a breakup and am lost ,the only person I could think off was you and so I called you and I feel I really like you and that day I was his shoulder ..I wasn’t his first love but he was my first love .he did propose me the next day and said I love you ..I actually loved him more today because he was loyal and brave enough to speak about his past and he gradually fell in love with me ..though I wasn’t not his first love but I am sure I am his last love ..Our bond of love is the most beautiful feeling in this whole wide world ..

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