If we question to everyone that what is a night. All will answer differently. Strange but true. It’s not a 6 hour duration for sleeping for everyone. It’s a journey which leads to nowhere. Because it ends every morning. But it doesn’t mean that the journey is over. After the passed that journey begins again, again and so on. But every night have some untold stories. For some they are as red as rose. They make love. They lives the passionful night with each other and lost in the moments. They lost themselves in the eyes of beholder. They found themselves in the arms of the lover. But for someone, the night is as crucial as it’s colour. As dark as black. For them night is nothing but a journey to death. They showed their body to everyone. They fulfilled the thirst of the hungry humanly wolves. They murdered those emotions of the heart which are capable to have love or give love. They lives in a city far from the society but the irony is they have the most suffered nights. Women give their body to the unkown men for pinching the soul, for pinching the every cell. And all they get is money to feed themselves. For the broken lovers, night is an ocean of tears. The hard and dangerous waves of memories. Every second is a wound of memory. For someone the nights are screamingly silent. Those girls are too little to understand the situation which is happening with them. They don’t know why their uncle come to them every night and ask to remove their clothes. For those girls night is a part of game with their uncle. A game of pain. Those forceful hands on their mouth tells the whole un-understandable stories. For some women nights are like desert. They crave for their love who are far across the distance from them. They are dry and wants to fill the gap of their finger as well as their body. Their empty body. For some nights are the wounds which have given by their husbands. The fresh red scars which they try hard to hide from everyone. Every night have some stories. Sometimes they are untold and sometimes they are unheard.


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