OMG! Indian Woman Gave Birth To 11 Babies!


Mothers day is just a few days away and we could find a couple of Media pages on Facebook running this old news of a Mother who delivered 11 babies at once and all baby boys!

This is an old news which dates back to 2012. And many reputed media agency proved after investigation that this news was fake.

An inquiry has revealed that the 11 babies in the picture were born to different mothers on 11/11/11 at a Surat hospital. The lady in the combo picture is Nadya Suleman, an American who delivered octuplets (eight babies) in 2009 after conceiving through IVF.

“It seemed excellent news; that’s why we put it on our website. I’ll ask my officials to remove it immediately,” said the editor of one of the famous page on Facebook. (Name to be kept hidden as they deserve one more chance atleast after growing upto this level with a lot of hard work)

At a time when website monetization is at its peak and many youngsters are taking huge interest, some cheap ways to make money by diverting peoples mind is something organisations like Facebook and Google should look at.

We pity on such loosers who use Motherhood as a tool to create excitement and made it a media to mint just a few bugs.

Articles Punch Line And Featured Picture Attracted You To Read This Article. Thankfully, its time for our viewers to know the truth about the fake world of social media.

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