OSHO On Parenting: A Must Read Article For All Parents.



You will be gone
soon but the children
will be here
And nobody can
manage anybody
else’s life
though they are with
yet they belong
not to you
You may give them
your love
but not
your thoughts
for they have their
own thoughts
You may house their
bodies but not their
for their souls
dwell in the house of
which you
cannot visit even in
your dreams
God will take care
It is none of our
business to be too concerned
Whatsoever we can
do, we do, but one
should not hanker
about things going
the way one wants
That is very egoistic

You have given birth
to a child, but once
he is out of the womb
he is free of you
First he depended for
his breath on you
when he was in the
Then he will take his
own breath
You don’t say
‘What are you doing?
Are you trying to be
free of me? Trying to
be independent?’

You feel happy that
your child is breathing

First he will take milk
from you, then one
day he will start
eating on his own

First he will go on
clinging to your
apron and then one
day he will leave it

You will be happy
because the child is
growing, becoming
mature. Then finally
one day he falls in
love with a woman

He has found his
woman, so he will go
on his own way

Bless them, and
whatsoever happens
they have to find their
own life and their
own meaning to

Now you are free.
Just try to find your
meaning, your life,
your goals, and
devote the few days
that are left to the
search of the

Don’t be concerned
with ordinary things
I have never seen a
single parent who is
happy about their

Nobody is ever
happy. Even the
father of Buddha
was not happy.
He was very very
annoyed because
his son turned out to
be a beggar. He
became a sannyasin
and the father was
hoping he would
become an emperor
He crushed all his
father’s hopes

One thing is certain
— that the child is not
here to fulfill your

The child is here with
his own destiny, and
he will unfold his
own destiny. You are
trying somehow to
direct his destiny
and that is going to
be frustrated.

Accept it and bless

They have to
find their own ways

Who are we to
And how can we?

Pray for them but
leave them on their
own. You try to grow


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